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MACOSX: Unable to save/load using numbers on AZERTY keyboard

Reported by: SF/egilbert Owned by: sev-
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It isn't possible to load (or save) games using Ctrl 0-9 (or Alt 1-9) key combination using a AZERTY keyboard layout. It might be due to the fact that numbers on the main keyboard can be accessed only by using the shift keys ( ).

The situation occurred with both The Dig and The Legend of Kyrandia, but could probably be reproduced with other games. Other ways to load/save (F5 key when available, accessing the menu by clicking the intended part of the screen) works as expected.

Mapping the keyboard to a American QWERTY through System Preference does _not_ help.

The problem occured on a Intel Mac Laptop with an AZERTY layout. The machine was running OS X 10.4.8 and ScummVM 9.1 (Universal).

Please notice that Mac's AZERTY layouts are slightly different from other PC's French AZERTY layout, and probably closer to the Belgian AZERTY layout. Numbers are unaffected by those difference, but symbols under them are. Here is the list of symbols appearing on my keyboard, each with the number above it.

1 : & 2 : é 3 : " 4 : ' 5 : ( 6 : § 7 : è 8 : ! 9 : ç 0 : à

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checkkeys-static.bz2 (151.6 KB ) - added by fingolfin 17 years ago.
SDL checkkeys tool, static linked for 10.4 (PowerPC)
checkkeys-static.txt (5.5 KB ) - added by SF/egilbert 17 years ago.
Results of previously sent program
macosx-azerty-fix.patch (706 bytes ) - added by fingolfin 16 years ago.
Fix for SDL

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comment:1 by SF/egilbert, 17 years ago

Priority: normallow

by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Attachment: checkkeys-static.bz2 added

SDL checkkeys tool, static linked for 10.4 (PowerPC)

comment:2 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Pretty hard to debug this w/o such a keyboard for testing :-/.

I attached a version of the SDL 'checkkeys' test tool (compiled for 10.4 PowerPC, hopefully work on Intel, too). You can download it, and run it for testing (you need to go to the Terminal. for this, and you have to set the executable bit of the file, i.e. do a "chmod a+x checkkeys-static" for that. If you need more details on how to do this, just ask).

Once you managed to run it, you can simply press your "1 : &" key, to see what it prints. Also try combos like "Ctrl-1" or "Ctrl-Shift-1". You can then copy the output into a text file and attach that here. File Added: checkkeys-static.bz2

by SF/egilbert, 17 years ago

Attachment: checkkeys-static.txt added

Results of previously sent program

comment:3 by SF/egilbert, 17 years ago

Here you are. I split it in several part "by hand" to ease your work a very little bit. File Added: checkkeys-static.txt

comment:4 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Thanks. So it looks as if Ctrl-NUM works fine, but Alt-NUM doesn't. Hrm.

comment:5 by criezy, 17 years ago

I made a few tests with the last CVS build for MaxOS X (from January 26). I made the tests both on my Intel iMac with a UK keybord and my PPC iBook with a french AZERTY keybord and the external UK keybord from the iMac.

The first think I would like to say is that changing the keybord layout in System Preferences has to be done before starting ScummVM. For some reason, if you do it after, this has no effect.

Using the external UK keybord on the iBook does not change anything. It seems that the keybord has no effect, only the keybord layout selection in System Preferences is important. For example, I could reproduce this problem on the iMac (QWERTY keybord) by selecting the french layout before starting ScummVM. So you not need to have an AZERTY keybord to actually test this problem.

You may think that Crtl-NUM works fine, but this is not the case. If you already have saved games, you can not load them with Crtl-NUM with the french keybord layout.

comment:6 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Aye, now that I think about it, it actually makes perfect sense that things only depend on the layout, not the keyboard itself. After all, the computer can't know what's printed on the keys, if it could, there would be no need to select keyboard layouts.

That ScummVM has to be restarted is no surprise either, as SDL comptues a key mapping table during startup, once.

comment:7 by sev-, 17 years ago

What is the status of this item?

by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Attachment: macosx-azerty-fix.patch added

Fix for SDL

comment:8 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

The attached patch against SDL 1.2 works around the issue *inside SDL* by always forcing the number keys to act as number keys. File Added: macosx-azerty-fix.patch

comment:9 by sev-, 15 years ago

So what should we do with this? Perhaps close it as it is SDL problem, not ours?

comment:10 by sev-, 15 years ago

Owner: set to sev-
Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

comment:11 by digitall, 5 years ago

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