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OGG Speech doesn't work in ver 0.9 for WinXP

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I used version 0.9 for WinXP SP2. I have "Day of the Tentacle" full CD version with speech converted to OGG format (file MONSTER.SOG). In version 0.7.1 all dialogs worked (it plays at all situations). In ver. 0.9 speech doesn't work. There is not any voices from heroes but background music and sound effects works fine. In console I got messages: ------------------------------------- WARNING: loadVOCFromStream: Invalid header! WARNING: startSfxSound failed to load sound! -------------------------------------

Could you fix it pls?

Thnx, Yuri.

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comment:1 by eriktorbjorn, 18 years ago

That's strange. The "loadVOCFromStream" error should only haappy - if it happens at all - when reading the original monster.sou file, not monster.sog. The openSfxFile() function will check for .sou, .sof, .sog and .so3, in that order, and pick the first one it finds.

You don't happen to have a monster.sou file (possibly from an entirely different game) lurking anywhere where ScummVM might pick it up? (The game directory, the "extra path", etc.) Later versions of ScummVM seem to be much more "greedy" when it comes to finding data files. (It will look through any sub-folder in the game path, not just a set of pre-defined ones.)

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