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mouse cursor on mac os x 0.20

Reported by: (none) Owned by: fingolfin
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Cc: Game: Indiana Jones 4


When playing indiana jones 4 - cd version - I can not move the mouse cursor below a certain y coordinate, roughly guessing it looks like ~400 on a 640x480 screen. I didn't test this with other games as atlantis is the only one I have right now.

mac os x 10.1.4, sdl 1.2.4, scummvm 0.2.0 from the homepage.

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

Atlantis uses a screen size of 320x200, if you use one of the scalers, then that will be 640x400 :-)

Anyway, does that mean you can't click on the verbs/ inventory at the bottom?

Just for the record, Indy 4 works just fine over here on a similiar system (both the PC and mac versions of it).

comment:2 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

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comment:3 by (none), 22 years ago

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Okay so it cuts off at 350 pixel or something :-). I can just barely click on the lower item row, but the bottom verb row can't be clicked.

comment:4 by (none), 22 years ago

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Oh I forget to mention: I found my Sma&max cd last night. It has the same problem: I can't reach the bottom of the screen with the mouse. Maybe sdl related?

Oh also this is in FS mode, don't remember if it occurs in a window also. Will test tonight.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

Ah, full screen mode! You never mentioned that :-) SDL/ MacOSX has some bugs in its FS mode.

This problem will happen if you start in full screen mode and then switch to a diffferent scaler. Instead you should start up with the scaler you want. If the problem persists, please tell me which scaler you use.

Oh and which scaler do you use anyway?

comment:6 by (none), 22 years ago

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I don't switch scalers after starting in FS mode. I think it occurs in pretty much all the scalers. I usually use the plain 2x scaler, or the mame one. In window mode it works perfectly fine, yes, I tried this last night.

comment:7 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

I tried full screen mode with all scalers now. There are problems when using the 3x mode, but all others work just perfect w/o any noticable problems in full screen mode over here. Tried with Indy4 and Monkey1, but I see no reason why it should be different for other games.

3x doesn't work correctly because then we have a virtual screen size of 960x600 pixels, and SDL chooses the next best available resolution, in my case 1024x768. The scummvm screen is centered in the real screen, but the mouse coordinates are not re- calculated accordingly. Not sure whether that is a SDL bug or a ScummVM bug.

comment:8 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

Ah, I have an idea - could it be that your display doesn't support the 640x400 mode? To find out, go to the system preferences, display settings, and look at the list of all supported resultions.

comment:9 by (none), 22 years ago

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640x480 is listed but greyed out. According to the Display prefpane, this means that the card can handle it, but not the display. I think iTunes looks suspiciously like 640x480, though.

I have a 2001 iBook (12.1" lcd, rage mobility 8mb card).

comment:10 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

If it only supports 640x480, but not 640x400, that would fully explain what you see.

comment:11 by (none), 22 years ago

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I have exactly the same problem: on a imac 2001 with a 12,1" and OS X 10.1.4 and scumvm 0.2.0 in full screen mode I can't access the bottom of the screen (the last verb row). It works perfectly in window mode. I have tried every graphic scalars (selected from the command line when starting scumvm) and even in the normal mode (for which I have a small display area in the center of my screen) I can't access the bottom of the display area. I can't test scumvm with other game as it doesn't work with my CD versions of Sam & Max, Full Throtle and Day of the tentacle.

comment:12 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

This is definitly not a bug in ScummVM but in SDL. Nothing I can do about it right now, except suggesting that you use windowed mode.

BTW, Sam&Max and DoTT both well over here, one is the Mac/ CD version the other the PC/CD version - what exactly does "not work" mean? You might want to submit a seperate bug report for that, but I recommend that you first closely read thru the readme again.

comment:13 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

Priority: normallow

comment:14 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

I found the bug in SDL/OSX, and submitted it to Sam & Darrell for review, hopefully this will be fixed in SDL 1.2.5 (and hence in the next ScummVM release).

comment:15 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

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