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FOTAQ stuck behind waterfall bug

Reported by: SF/cc2006 Owned by: cyxx
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Queen
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Game: Flight of the Amazon Queen


Flight of the Amazon Queen

Tested with ScummVM versions 0.8.2 and 0.9.0svn

Bug: Going through a flowing waterfall to a room,
seeing a video sequence, then when trying to leave
the waterfall traps you in place unable to move.

How to reproduce the bug:
Load queen.s01 which is the second save labelled as
Can-Enter-Left-Waterfall then walk through the left
waterfall and then try to leave again after the video

Here it is in more detail:
You move left into a cavern containing two waterfalls
(which can be turned off later in the game using a
statue device between the waterfalls), and hear a
crunching sound with various text displayed across
the waterfall on the left which shows that's where
the sounds are coming from, encouraging you to
investigate. Unfortunately if you then click the left
waterfall you move through it as if it wasn't there
and into the upper level of a dual-level crushing-
room where you see a little video sequence and on
trying to leave you reappear behind the water unable
to move.

If you trigger the event but avoid going through the
waterfall and instead walk all the way to a lower
entrance of that dual-level crushing-room (the lower
door entrance is a long way from the cavern with the
waterfalls) then you can complete that bit of the
puzzle. Strangely when you go back to the waterfalls
both of the waterfalls are now barriers until you
figure out how to shut the water off.

Language: English
Version: The CDrom Talkie MP3 version from your site
Platform: Win32

Saved games attached, details follow:

queen.s00 - You can see and hear the crunching
sequence and how it encourages you to click the
waterfall. Walk left to start the sequence.

queen.s01 - Click the left waterfall to go through.
The waterfall on the right stops you going through it
so isn't a problem. You will hear a sequence about
someone being crushed.

queen.s02 - Try to leave the room with a crusher and
you will get stuck exactly like this.

queen.s03 - This is the proper way to enter the room
through the left white door. You'll hear various
things about someone being crushed the same as if
you'd gone through the left waterfall, but it has a
different exit as you're on the lower level so no

queen.s04 - If you did it the proper way as shown by
the previous save .s03 you'd find both of the
waterfalls now block you from going through them
which is fine, as the next part of the puzzle is to
turn them off and you can do that as you're not stuck
behind them.

I don't remember how this is dealt with under the
original game engine, but if the left waterfall
always lets you through or doesn't consistantly there
wouldn't be a problem. Either solution should work as
there's a barrier that you can't pass even before the
crusher drops to kill that person. It makes slightly
more sense that the left waterfall is less of an
obstacle and would let you go through as the man that
was crushed left blood on the upper level yet hadn't
stopped the waterfalls flowing. It also lets you see
where to go to find the body that's now crushed down
onto the lower level without having to blindly search
for a room that isn't obviously associated with a
waterfall and you still need to make that journey to
get to the body. Either way is good though.

Other than that one problem I found the game to run
flawlessly all the way from beginning to end.

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Amazon Queen waterfall bug savefiles

comment:1 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Owner: set to joostp

comment:2 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Joost, any idea on this? Or maybe David or Gregory should look at this?

comment:3 by cyxx, 13 years ago

I tested this scene with the original binary and the same
issue is triggered, Joe gets stuck when he gets out of the room.

To 'fix' this, I disabled the possibility to walk through
the waterfall, that's the easiest workaround. I wonder
actually if keeping that secret 'door' in the retail version
of the game was really intentionnal. Afterall, the same
cutscene gets played when Joe enter the room in the first
floor (and to me, is more 'logical' at that situation). But
you're right, with it, it makes the puzzle maze less
'frustrating', as locating this room isn't easy.

Joost, if you think of something better, fell free to
mention it. For now, I close this as the workaround should
be sufficient.

comment:4 by cyxx, 13 years ago

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