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Fixed black lines on distaff in Loom

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After several hours of looking through and debugging scummvm (and having learned a lot about how it works), I found the problem that causes black lines on the distaff when you play notes in Loom.

The right and bottom boundaries of verbs need to be 1 pixel smaller than their width and height, for example a 16X16 square should draw on pixels 0-15 instead of 0- 16 as it does with the current code.

in verbs.cpp, line 241 change: vst->right = vst->x + imgw * 8; vst->bottom = vst->y + imgh * 8;


vst->right = vst->x + imgw * 8 - 1; vst->bottom = vst->y + imgh * 8 - 1;

This might also fix/break things in other games, but I didn't see any problems after trying MI1 and 2.


PS - I'll be doing more bug hunting later, should I submit new fixes in the bugs or patches section?

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comment:1 by SF/inguin, 22 years ago

That could explain (and solve) another tiny bug I noticed throughout all games (except Sam&Max, because there are no verbs to click): If you are on the top pixel line of some verb, the verb above it gets selected. Same for the leftmost pixel column and the verb left of it. It's most obvious in Indy4, for there are those frames around the verbs.

comment:2 by SF/ender, 22 years ago

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comment:3 by SF/ender, 22 years ago

Yeah, this makes sense and will be applied shortly.

Obviously a 16x16 pixel image will be 0-15 pixels wide... not 0-16, which would be 17x17. DOH! :)

Future patches should go to the Patch section, obviously, not the bug tracker.

Thanks :)

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