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BASS: Resets at Game Start (Palm TX)

Reported by: SF/jmccorm Owned by: SF/chrilith
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Sky
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Cc: Game: Beneath a Steel Sky


ScummVM: 0.9.0CVS Jan 13 2006 21:10:55 Language: English Version: Talkie CDROM Platform: PalmOS 5, Palm TX Details: I start up Scumm from my SD card. It has autodected BASS on my SD card. I select the game and hit place. The screen turns white with some really small text written on it. It looks like SCUMM version information or something, but it is too fast and too small to read. Something with the words, "Loading, please wait" in the middle.

The screen then turns black with a thin white border around it. The Palm unit then resets.

I did a hard reset and wiped my Palm clean and just installed this program. The problem was the same.

I installed just the floppy version of BASS. Still the same. Sound was set to off (default) on both tests.

Yes, I updated the sky.cpt file. BASS was downloaded from Tried Display: Normal and Display: Hires+, no effect.

NOTE: I tried Flight of the Amazon Queen. Seems to work without a hitch!

scumm.log contents: -- WARNING: Unable to open configuration file: /PALM/Programs/ScummVM/scummvm.ini! Looking for sky Trying to start game 'Beneath a Steel Sky' Found BASS version v0.0372 (5097 dnr entries)

I enabled sound and also turned the debug level up to 9, but it was not helpful (floppy version)-- Debuglevel (from command line): 9 Looking for sky Trying to start game 'Beneath a Steel Sky' Output sample rate: 8000 Hz Found BASS version v0.0348 (1445 dnr entries)

Tried setting display to Hercules (Amber). No effect. It at least correctly retracts the graffiti area before going into hires (when I turned it on) and drawing the white border on a black background.

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comment:1 by SF/jmccorm, 18 years ago

Small update: Day of the Tentacle also works ok.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 18 years ago

Owner: set to SF/chrilith

comment:3 by SF/jmccorm, 18 years ago

Hope I'm not spamming the ticket. I put the SD card into my Palm Zire 72. (Without having sync'd a menu skin to the Zire in advance).

I select BASS using the alternate green text GUI. After it drawings the black screen with the white border, a window comes up titled, "Fatal Alaert" with text inside of the window that says, "Fatal Exception". There is a button at the bottom which says Reset. Obviously, hitting the button resets the unit.

I have zipped up my /palm/program/scummvm directory tree from my SD card and attached it to this ticket, in case it provides any value.

UPDATE: The bug tracker isn't letting me attach a file. It transfers the file, and then giver the error "select a group". Email me if the zip file is useful to your efforts.

comment:4 by lavosspawn, 18 years ago

Apparently there are problems with downloading the SKY.CPT file from our website once in a while. Can you verify that your SKY.CPT file is correct? Do the same files work with ScummVM on windows?

comment:5 by SF/jmccorm, 18 years ago

lavosspawn nailed it! Thanks happy open source game developer dude!

comment:6 by fingolfin, 18 years ago

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