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#179 closed defect (duplicate)

Monkey 1 MP3 crash

Reported by: SF/logicdeluxe Owned by: SF/ender
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Monkey Island 1


Built on Apr 23 2002 07:37:56 Windows98

When I try the title music in track17.mp3 with Monkey1,
like described in readme.txt, a standard windows error
pops up as soon as the Lucasfilm logo appears. I only
can hear a looping click sound. The game however is
running well, except for the sound, as long as the
error message window stays open. MP3 decoding with
monster.so3 in talkie games, however, works fine. There
is nothing special printed on the command line window.
(I added brackets with the German parts translated to
the error messages)

SCUMMVM verursachte einen Fehler durch eine ungültige Seite
in Modul SCUMMVM.EXE bei 017f:0043417e. (segmentation
EAX=82b97088 CS=017f EIP=0043417e EFLGS=00210213
EBX=00000000 SS=0187 ESP=0192fefc EBP=0192ff20
ECX=00000000 DS=0187 ESI=007c9750 FS=4dbf
EDX=0199b554 ES=0187 EDI=00000800 GS=0000
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
0f bf 41 08 01 d0 50 8b 41 0c ff d0 83 c4 10 43
Stapelwerte: (values on stack)
82b97088 00000800 0000017f 82b97088 008d15f0 82b98088
bff7b83f 00000000 d844d5a0 0192ff40 004341b6 007c9740
82b97088 00000800 bff7c8bd 00000058

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by SF/segra

hmm interesting im using the latest cvs with mp3's and i
dont have any problem with MI

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by SF/logicdeluxe

With Built on Apr 25 2002 21:10:18 it works for me now.

comment:3 Changed 17 years ago by SF/ender

Closing. Better info on crash is in bug 549000.

comment:4 Changed 17 years ago by SF/ender

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