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ZAK256: No music whatsoever

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Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders (fmTowns version)

When ScummVM starts (0.6.0), if I Alt-Tab out of it and look at the messages it displays, it says "WARNING: unknown o5_StartMusic (2)"

Now, as you're probably guessing, I'm getting no music at all. I've tried playing around with different modes of audio (you know,adlib, midi, etc) and nothing works. I'm assuming that the above message has something to do with this. It should also be noted that I'm still getting sound effects.

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comment:1 by SF/muncher666, 20 years ago

Summary: No music whatsoever.ZAK256: No music whatsoever.

comment:2 by SF/ender, 20 years ago

Are you using an original Zak FmTowns CD?

comment:3 by SF/muncher666, 20 years ago

I HAVE an original Zak CD that I got off of eBay. But I copied the files from the CD to the Hard Drive. But if I read the error report right, it's not actually able to play the sound correctly.


comment:4 by SF/ender, 20 years ago

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comment:5 by SF/ender, 20 years ago

Well. First, the warning is a warning. It's not an error. In this case, it is unrelated and can safely be ignored (most warnings in ScummVM can, but sometimes they DO help track down problems).

The music is CD-based, so make sure the CD is in the drive and ensure your mixer is not muting CD audio. Also, try a normal Audio CD to make sure your CD drive is connected to your soundcard properly.

Finally, if you have multiple CD drives ensure the CD is either in the first CD drive, or specify a drive number on the commandline (see the README).

comment:6 by Kirben, 20 years ago

That is not ScummVM 0.6.0, that warning was changed to a debug message a long time ago now.

comment:7 by SF/noscript, 20 years ago

Do you have the audio tracks as mp3 or ogg on your harddisk?

comment:8 by SF/ender, 20 years ago

Quiet noscript. We're not going to support mp3/ogg as that implies an illegal version of the game :)

comment:9 by SF/noscript, 20 years ago

hehe, ok.

But i like this feature, I'm too lazy to change cds.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

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Summary: ZAK256: No music whatsoever.ZAK256: No music whatsoever

comment:11 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

Still awaiting reply by bug submitter...

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