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Unknown game variant for sword1

Reported by: ner00 Owned by: criezy
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Sword1
Version: Keywords: unknown-game
Cc: ner00 Game: Broken Sword 1


Due to recent changes in the detection for this engine (maybe others), v2.7 is now unable to start some versions of this game. Among them is one French release of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Les Chevaliers de Baphomet) from the Adventure Hall of Fame collection. The existing entries in detection_tables.h are missing the first hash for swordres.rif, the existing french entry has a different hash, possibly from the original release of the same game.

Matched game IDs for the sword1 engine: sword1-demo-win

{"swordres.rif", 0, "665b7ed64c13013ec4a8bcd101a1e862", 59788},
{"compacts.clu", 0, "7128bc4e99701d99c22e5841051671d3", 200852},

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sword1_french_CD1_checksums.md5 (43.3 KB ) - added by ner00 17 months ago.
sword1_french_CD1_FileList.txt (105.0 KB ) - added by ner00 17 months ago.
sword1_french_CD2_checksums.md5 (6.7 KB ) - added by ner00 17 months ago.
sword1_french_CD2_FileList.txt (16.5 KB ) - added by ner00 17 months ago.

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by ner00, 17 months ago

by ner00, 17 months ago

comment:1 by lotharsm, 16 months ago

Could you please check if this works properly now? We had some fixes in the detection entries a few days ago.

comment:2 by ner00, 16 months ago


No, it still doesn't work. I can see that the detection tables are slightly different, but especially the way they are reported to the user, but the entries I mentioned are still missing. This is what I get now:

Matched game IDs for the sword1 engine: sword1-demo-win

{"xn--clustersscripts.clu-2a08g", 0, "72b10193714e8c6e4daca51791c0db0c", 1088372},
{"xn--clustersswordres.rif-3a62h", 0, "665b7ed64c13013ec4a8bcd101a1e862", 59788},
{"xn--clusterstext.clu-za24f", 0, "76f93f5feecc8915435105478f3c6615", 3188750},
{"xn--smackshiintro.smk-0a88f", 0, "d602a28f5f5c583bf9870a23a94a9bc5", 13525168},

The 1st file is currently only present in the table for an Italian variant (Windows platform), the rest are PSX variants. The 2nd and 3rd files are not present in the table at all. The 4th file is the same as the current entries for the French version (Windows/Mac), but then the first 3 are a mismatch for the same language.


comment:3 by lotharsm, 16 months ago

Hm, those file names look _way_ off. Is this a legitimate copy?

comment:4 by ner00, 16 months ago

Yes, it's legitimate.

How do you mean the filenames look _way_ off? I was also surprised but brushed it off as being part of the _revamped_ detection table, and so I just ignored that it looked a bit weird.

For example:

  • "xn--": Well, I have no clue where scummvm gets that from or what it could mean.
  • "smackshiintro.smk": "smackshi" is the folder containing the highres Smack vídeo cutscenes. And "intro.smk" is an individual video cutscene file.
  • "-0a88f": Also no clue what that is, seems some kind of CRC, hash, byte pattern, but certainly not part of the filename.

So yeah, that's how the current master is reporting the hashes now :)

comment:5 by lotharsm, 16 months ago

Yes, with "way off" I mean the punycode encoding.

Punycode consists of the "xn--" prefix and a matching suffix, (that's the "-za..." part at the end of the filenames).

And that's very surprising, because no other version of the games use punycode encoded filenames. End what's even more surprising, it looks like the punycode encoding is not done properly, rendering the filenames in a wrong way...

comment:6 by ner00, 16 months ago

Well, I really have no clue about that. Is there some thing user-environment-wise that could be causing that?

comment:7 by ner00, 16 months ago

It doesn't seem to have this issue when using the command line --md5 detection. And this didn't happen at all with the daily build I used a few weeks ago.

comment:8 by ner00, 16 months ago

This seems to start happening after the changes introduced in this commit: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/commit/032b9b46b96599f6f216fdb13308257070a36fa2

comment:9 by criezy, 16 months ago

Owner: set to criezy
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Thank you for the report.
I have now added this detection.

The main difference with the Windows French version detection we already had is that the text.clu file is quite a bit bigger. This file contains the text for all officially supported languages. However early releases of the game are known to be missing the Portuguese Brazilian text, and my guess if that your version is a more recent release that includes that text.

And I have also open a pull request for the unexpected punycode encoding issue: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4657

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