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COMI: Guybrush disappears before Hotel on Blood Island

Reported by: SF/maniac242 Owned by: fingolfin
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: Monkey Island 3


After the volcano errupted I try to reach the pot of cheese rosting over the lava before the Hotel on Blood Island.

Directly after moving behind the column to the right, Guybrush disappered. It is impossible to get the Pot, although i can still command to pick it up. If I direct him to the left of the column he reappeared.

Using ScummVM V0.53 (Win32 pre-build from 13/09/2003 and Linux source from 20/09/2003 made with GCC 3.1) and the German Version of Monkey Island 3

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comment:1 by SF/maniac242, 21 years ago

Correction: When Guybruch disappears he still moves but extremely slowly. After passing the pin board he also reappears.

comment:2 by SF/maniac242, 21 years ago

To process your bug report appropriately, we need you to provide the following additional information:

* ScummVM version (scummvm -v) * Bug details, including instructions on reproducing it * Language of game (English, German, etc) * Version of game (Talkie, Floppy...) * Platform and Compiler (Win32, Linux, MacOS, etc) * Attach a save game if possible * If this bug only occurred recently, please note the
last version without the bug, and the first version
including the bug. That way we can fix it quicker by
looking at the changes made.

This should only take you a little time but will make it much easier for us to
process your bug report in a way that satisfies both you and us.

Thank you for your support!

comment:3 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Summary: Guybrush disappears before Hotel on Blood IslandCOMI: Guybrush disappears before Hotel on Blood Island

comment:4 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Sounds like it might be a scaling bug - it matches the behaviour of Guybrush being scaled to 1 pixel height.

comment:5 by SF/alandenver, 21 years ago

I'm not a scummvm developer and I'm not even familiar with the internals of scummvm, but I have a quick and dirty solution. I changed the function getScale() in scumm/boxes.cpp.

I replaced:

if (s.y1 == s.y2) { scale = scaleX; } else { scale = (scaleX + scaleY - s.x1) / 2; }


scale = scaleX;

This works perfectly for me! Now Guybrush can walk past the column without being scaled down to 1 pixel.

comment:6 by SF/jonsolberg, 21 years ago

I have the exact same behaviour: Guybrush disappears behind one of the columns at the hotel making it impossible to continue the game (can't manipulate the pot).

I'm using ScummVM 0.5.5cvs (Nov 15 2003 21:50:52), downloaded and compiled the same day.

comment:7 by SF/jonsolberg, 21 years ago

Sorry forgetting the basics:

Linux (Mandrake 9.2) GCC (GCC) 3.3.1 (Mandrake Linux 9.2 3.3.1-2mdk)

English full original 2CD

I could also attach another save-game if it's needed.

comment:8 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

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Resolution: fixed
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comment:9 by fingolfin, 20 years ago

Fixed in CVS.

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