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LOOM: Crashes very close to the end

Reported by: SF/davidkment Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Keywords: Cc:
Game: Loom


v 0.5.1 w32 version

after using the reversed silence on hetchel,
the bad guy walks towards bobbin and hetchel flies
through the room.

then suddenly scummVM simply exits itself, and in the
console window i can very short a message saying
something about SDL.

what the heck is this bug?

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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by Kirben

It sounds like ScummVM caused SDL to crash.
Try using latest Windows snapshot and see if that helps.
Otherwise a save game just before crash point would be

comment:2 Changed 16 years ago by Kirben

Summary: loom (floppy english) crashes very close to the endLOOM: Crashes very close to the end

comment:3 Changed 16 years ago by fingolfin

Status: newclosed

comment:4 Changed 16 years ago by SF/davidkment

so, sorry for the long time, now i got the savegame
made with svm0.5.1 win32.

take a look at it.

ey, your project is the greatest piece of software ive seen
in the last two years...

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