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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#7569 AGI: Add the function keys to the keymap new keymapper enhancement normal
#7683 Key Mapper new keymapper enhancement normal
#7702 Wii: Support keymapper new keymapper dhewg enhancement normal
#7754 GP2X-WIZ: D-pad for movement in AGI games new keymapper djwillis enhancement normal
#10546 BACKENDS: Android - Destruction Derby not completable in Full Throttle new Android, controls, minigame, keymapper defect normal
#11225 BACKENDS: Switch - Physical Key Remap for Indy 3 new keymapper Scorpeg enhancement normal
#11379 SCUMM: FT - Implement keymapping for bikefights new insane bike fights keymapper enhancement normal
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