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Before submitting a bug report, please search to ensure the bug is not already known, and try the latest daily build since the bug may already have been fixed. When using the daily builds from buildbot use the development builds (labeled latest Branch Master) and not the stable builds unless you were explicitly instructed to test the stable build.

To submit a bug report, you need an account on You can then use the GitHub Login button at the top right of this page to log in, and use the New Ticket button to submit a new bug report.

Please check you are including all the following information in your bug report:

  • ScummVM version (scummvm -v)
  • Bug details, including step-by-step instructions to reproduce the bug
  • Language of game (English, German, ...)
  • Version of game (CD, Floppy, DOS, Amiga, ...)
  • Your OS, including version and device if appropriate (Windows 10 build 1709 32-bit, Debian 9.2 x86_64, Android 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7, ...)
  • Attach a save game if possible
  • If this bug only occurred recently, please note the last version without the bug, and the first version including the bug. That way we can fix it quicker by looking at the changes made.
  • Next, select the game in the 'Game' dropdown, and the game engine or other component in the 'Component' dropdown. Enter your text, and hit the button!

Please only file bugs on games that are listed on

Also we do not support using pirated copies of games, which includes copies downloaded from so-called abandonware websites. See for more details.

Finally, please report each issue separately; do not file multiple issues on the same ticket. Otherwise, it gets difficult to track the status of each individual bug.

Thanks for using ScummVM!

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