17:19 Ticket #14578 (SHERLOCK: ROSETATTOO: Incorrect talk history due to out-of-bounds access) created by PushmePullyu
Tested with master e0a146f9086ae523229d6e8173c39d290e669449 on Linux …
16:46 Ticket #14577 (Trac "Logout" button doesn't work) created by elasota
Clicking "Logout" on bugs.scummvm.org after logging in with GitHub …
15:24 Ticket #14482 (TLJ: Texture mods with unusual names not loading) closed by bluegr
fixed: The PR for this has been merged. Thanks for your work!


18:16 Ticket #14576 (Unknown game variant for director) created by BJNFNE
The game in 'Addy Mini im Zirkus\' seems to be an unknown game …


00:58 Ticket #14567 (MIght and Magic 1 Enhanced) closed by dreammaster
fixed: I've identified and fixed the problem, thanks for the report.


23:52 Ticket #14575 (WIN32: Scummvm-2.7.1-winxp-win32 builds don't work. GetTickCount64 ...) created by zosite
No scummvm-2.7.1-winxp-win32 builds seem to work under Windows XP. All …
18:02 Ticket #14574 (GOB: Excessive blitting drags performance down) created by mikrosk
Gob::Surface::blit() seems to be called unnaturally often even for …


19:57 Ticket #14573 (SCI: Phantasmagoria Crashes) created by darkshoxx
Hi, it me again :) Windows 11, Running ScummVM …


13:34 Ticket #14572 (HPL1: crash after breaking the ice in level "Lake Utuqaq") created by grisenti
In the "Lake Utuqaq" level, if the player breaks the ice, the program …
12:22 Ticket #14571 (HPL1: sliding door does not move) created by grisenti
In the level "Chemical Storage", the door to enter the laboratory does …
12:12 Ticket #14570 (HPL1: helmet stuck inside a locker) created by grisenti
In level "Shaft 13" the yellow helmet on the right side of the locker …
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