21:37 Ticket #14558 (SCI: Use the SCI32 SOL decoder for SCI 0-1.1 games) created by ccawley2011
The SCI engine has two SOL decoders. As far as I can tell, these both …
21:30 Ticket #14557 (HYPNO: Screen mode should change when cutscenes are playing) created by ccawley2011
When cutscenes are playing in Spider-Man: The Sinister Six, the screen …
16:21 Ticket #14556 (SCI: Crash in Island of Dr. Brain robot maze puzzle) created by eriktorbjorn
This happened while trying to solve the robot maze puzzle in The …


18:41 Ticket #14555 (DIRECTOR: Frankenstein: Through The Eyes of the Monster (D4) - stuck ...) created by mana-z
I hope it's not too bold to add a ticket about a yet unsupported game. …
15:50 Ticket #14553 (GOB: Adibou 1 German 4-5 years (ADI Junior 4-5 Jahre) learning ...) closed by BJNFNE


21:21 Ticket #14554 (PLUGINS: ELF loader doesn't handle mixed ARM and Thumb code) created by ccawley2011
The Nintendo DS port is compiled as Thumb code, and links with an ARM …
07:52 Ticket #13962 (FREESCAPE: SPFX is not correctly implemented in Driller) closed by neuromancer
fixed: This is mostly done, so I'm closing this.


22:41 Ticket #14553 (GOB: Adibou 1 German 4-5 years (ADI Junior 4-5 Jahre) learning ...) created by indy4fan
Hi, I tested the german CD version of Adibou 1. It consists of two …
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