19:20 Ticket #10444 (AGI: Graphics glitch when reloading a savegame after dying) created by Drenn1
Whenever you load a savegame after dying, a small black square appears …
01:28 Changeset [53aa641f] by dreammaster
XEEN: Hook up Clouds of Xeen intro for playing on startup
00:28 Changeset [010c47bf] by dreammaster
XEEN: Add World of Xeen logo to end of Dark Side intro


21:52 Changeset [3de1ba11] by Adrian Frühwirth <bonki@…>
TUCKER: Use Verb enum in more places
18:41 Changeset [5b89fd7d] by Adrian Frühwirth <bonki@…>
Add PanelState, PanelStyle and PanelType enums The new _panelState …
16:38 Changeset [7aee8f4e] by Adrian Frühwirth <bonki@…>
TUCKER: Add Part enum
16:26 Changeset [dce8a98a] by Adrian Frühwirth <bonki@…>
TUCKER: Add CursorStyle and CursorState enums
03:04 Changeset [487baf6f] by dreammaster
XEEN: Fixes for Dark Side intro
00:19 Changeset [0ef3cded] by dreammaster
XEEN: Implemented remaining code for Dark Side intro


15:00 Ticket #10443 (GOB: Croustibat - Screenshot (DOS/Portuguese)) created by windlepoons
Screenshots and thumbs for Croustiba Portuguese version (not official …
03:07 Changeset [a3c8840d] by dreammaster
XEEN: In progress implementing Dark Side intro


20:56 Ticket #10442 (TITANIC: Game crashes on Floor 38) created by Saleck
The game Starship Titanic is crashing whenever the player goes to …
09:22 Ticket #10441 (GUI: Save/load dialog flickers when repeatedly clicking the list/grid ...) created by bonki
Clicking the _listButton (or _gridButton) in the …


01:46 Changeset [29b8812a] by dreammaster
XEEN: Don't show game intro if it's already been seen perviously
00:20 Changeset [dab044ed] by dreammaster
XEEN: Minor cleanups to outer engine
00:15 Changeset [0fc11aef] by dreammaster
XEEN: Cleanup of the game title, intro, and menu launching code


23:24 Changeset [724c4e57] by dreammaster
XEEN: Defer creating new game state until needed This fixes a bug …
05:39 Changeset [375c89fd] by bgK
STARK: Implement the exploding image animation Used when getting an …
05:23 Ticket #10440 (SCI: PHARKAS Mac no longer running at all, ScummVM complaining about ...) created by eisnerguy1
Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist (Macintosh/English) Tried in …
01:36 Ticket #10439 (SKY: BASS - vkeybd only allows 1 keyboard input at a time) created by dafioram
ScummVM: 2.1.0git-898-gc5981afad Game: Beneath a Steel Sky v0.0372/cd …
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