17:16 Changeset [d50c13a7] by digitall
SAGA: Add Code to Support French Fan Translation. This code was …
15:46 Ticket #10307 (CGE: Bug with pig in game "Sołtys") created by Zmorra
I cant't go to pig.


20:55 Ticket #10306 (incorrect font in status window.) created by AndyILC
In the Russian version of Windows. In the status window. The font is …
18:01 Ticket #10305 (TITANIC: Border lines showing for face slot components in Titania close-up) created by dreammaster
When looking at the Titania close-up, several of the face components …
17:17 Changeset [bd82345f] by GitHub <noreply@…>
Merge pull request #1035 from bgK/require-64bits-integers BUILD: …
17:16 Ticket #10303 (Reporting MD5s for unknown versions of games) closed by bgK
fixed: Thanks for your report. Please check it works properly in the next …
17:14 Changeset [2ded98b] by bgK
MOHAWK: MYST: Add detection for a Russian version
00:26 Ticket #10304 (SCI: QFG3: Night palette no longer loads after Storyteller event) created by EricOakford
Scummvm: 1.10.0git5264-g9030b09ecc Game: Quest for Glory III 1.1 OS: …


11:30 Ticket #10303 (Reporting MD5s for unknown versions of games) created by AndyILC
Please add detection Russian version of Myst ("MYST.DAT", …
03:36 Changeset [3a952139] by Colin Snover <github.com@…>
SDL: Automatically grab mouse upon entering fullscreen Folks are …


03:05 Changeset [f638f14] by criezy
I18N: Regenerate translations data file


00:59 Ticket #10302 (Titanic Starship french version) closed by dreammaster
invalid: That's correct.. only the English and German versions are supported. …


23:03 Ticket #10302 (Titanic Starship french version) created by legluondunet
Hello, I own the Starhip Titanic french version and I tried to launch …
17:13 Changeset [9030b09e] by wjp
SCI: Allow lofsa string printing in disasm for all SCI versions
16:55 Changeset [fab43f0f] by wjp
SCI: Fix offsets in disasm for multi-param opcodes This code was …
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