23:08 Ticket #7595 (MT-32 emulation: Support more ROMs) created by SF/denizoezmen
[…] […]
10:40 Changeset [a48d2d3f] by dreammaster
Talk dialogs can now only be closed early if it's the player talking, …
10:39 Changeset [864ed910] by dreammaster
Bugfix to make sound toggle work correctly, and added flag state to …
10:37 Changeset [c0f2856] by dreammaster
Added saving of NPC direction, and bugfix for closing talk dialogs …


10:16 Changeset [c9d06136] by dreammaster
Removed unused field svn-id: r29255
10:09 Changeset [547716a0] by dreammaster
Added a talkerId field to hotspots to better handle characters being …
10:07 Changeset [a0fce0c5] by dreammaster
Fixed MinGW compilation warning svn-id: r29253
10:04 Changeset [9a1b13e9] by dreammaster
Changed startSpeakingToNoone to pause the speaking character svn-id: …
10:03 Changeset [5635256f] by dreammaster
Implemented gradual display of text in talk dialogs svn-id: r29251
10:01 Changeset [6faff895] by dreammaster
Changed text speed flag, and added saving of it to savegames svn-id: …
09:39 Changeset [ff92f776] by dreammaster
Added missing tickmarks from Slow/Fast text speed menu items svn-id: …


20:53 Changeset [380e8fe] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Fixed SFX in intro of FM-Towns/PC98 versions of Kyrandia 1 (Thanks to …
20:41 Changeset [cc76fbee] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Added a workaround for a script bug in IHNM, which occurs in the …
16:03 Changeset [a152ded4] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
When skipping a video from the introduction of IHNM, the screen fades …


21:38 Changeset [80045e96] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Fixes timers in Kyra1. (Initialized them twice oops...) svn-id: r29245
20:36 Ticket #3345 (NIPPON: Sound not initialized (Amiga)) closed by peres
20:29 Ticket #8733 (Scumm savegame thumbnail loading patch) closed by fingolfin
20:28 Changeset [00f349a5] by Max Horn <max@…>
Patch #1817080: Scumm savegame thumbnail loading patch svn-id: r29244
19:49 Changeset [ee43757e] by Max Horn <max@…>
Fix warning svn-id: r29243
19:27 Changeset [14160083] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Now stopping music when loading a game in Amiga versions of Nippon …
19:02 Ticket #3440 (NIPPON: Game quits when Dino enters the "Reducer" (Amiga)) closed by peres
15:41 Changeset [aa01449] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Relaxed freeZones policy for deciding which zones to preserve across …
15:26 Changeset [03d5111a] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Fixed parseLocation, so that it only tries to parse scripts when they …
13:10 Changeset [c6887186] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Added new debug level for inventory routines. svn-id: r29239
13:09 Changeset [78bc71e] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Cleanup. svn-id: r29238
05:13 Changeset [f1958a22] by dreammaster
Removed deprecated YNKeyStruct structure svn-id: r29237


22:35 Changeset [1aab730e] by dreammaster
Finally got the room layering to work correctly svn-id: r29236
22:05 Ticket #3358 (NIPPON: Information lost on loading a game (Amiga)) closed by peres
22:05 Ticket #3438 (NIPPON: Saved State has wrong information (Amiga)) closed by peres
22:04 Ticket #3439 (NIPPON: Empty drawers (Amiga)) closed by peres
20:11 Ticket #7594 (SYMBIAN: Screen rotation on UIQ3 ("lefty flip")) created by SF/teetow
[…] […]
19:02 Ticket #8733 (Scumm savegame thumbnail loading patch) created by SF/uweryssel
[…] […]
07:07 Ticket #3441 (MT-32 emu: Low volume) created by SF/tipabu
[…] […]
06:54 Ticket #3440 (NIPPON: Game quits when Dino enters the "Reducer" (Amiga)) created
[…] […]
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