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SIMON1/2 HEBREW: Reversed subtitles

Reported by: SF/sitra Owned by: SF/jamieson630
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Cc: Game: Simon the Sorcerer 1


The Hebrew version shows the the substitles reversed - i.e. from left to right, while it should appear from right to left. You can contact me if you don't have the hebrew version here: sitra *at*

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comment:1 by SF/andrej4000, 21 years ago

are the letters themself displayed in the right way, or are they flipped from left to right, too?

comment:2 by SF/sitra, 21 years ago

The letters are displayed in the right way. Only the strings are reversed.

comment:3 by SF/andrej4000, 21 years ago

Hm... I think, the best solution to fix thiis, is the easiest one. I think, that the original interpteter used it, too.

For showing the subtitles in the right order, you should just reverse the string, before drwaing it. (Of couse a check for the selected language is needed, because some other languages like arab are right-to-left)

comment:4 by SF/ficoos_bangaly, 21 years ago

After investigating the GAMEPC file i found that the ascii value of letters stored are 160 lower then normal hebrew ascii value. also i tries to reverse all the sentences but it only fixed a small portion of the text so i think the rest of the text is enrypted in the SIMON.GME File so we have 2 selutions 1. scummVM progremmers would add a speciel supprot for the hebrew version 2. someone would show me where can i fineda decopiler for the SIMON.GME file so i could revers all the text in there too

comment:5 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Support will be added eventually via language option, will just have to be patient for now. I have extracted the function from Hebrew version that needs to be altered but have not been able to make sense of it yet. It is at l for anyone interested.

comment:6 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Summary: Hebrew version - reversed subtitlesSIMON1/2 HEBREW: Reversed subtitles

comment:7 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Reversed subtitles work for item names and Simon's conversation responses in latest ScummVM cvs, although text spacing still isn't right. Reveresing the text spoken by Simon and other characters won't be as easy..

comment:8 by Kirben, 21 years ago

If anyone owns the Hebrew version of Simon the Sorcerer 2 could they please attach a copy of the main executable file (RSPTRFLT.EXE) only. We need it to extract the character spacing table for Hebrew fonts and it would be helpful with adding other Hebew specific code too. Unfortunately the main executable file of Hebew version of Simon the Sorcerer 1 is of no use.

comment:9 by SF/ficoos_bangaly, 21 years ago

i have attached the file to the a new subject called 781601 Simon 2 hebrew EXEC

comment:10 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Reversed subtitles for conversation response choices, item names and load/save dialog should be perfect now. We only have spoken text left to reverse now.

I also added code to allow combined speech and subtitles in the Hebrew version of Simon the Sorcerer 2. Did the speech and subtitles keep in sync in the original version ? and do they keep in sync in the introduction under ScummVM ? I could only try with English version, where the speech and subtitles would often go out of sync.

comment:11 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Hebrew support for spoken text is in ScummVM cvs, thanks to Jamieson.

comment:12 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Owner: set to SF/jamieson630
Resolution: fixed

comment:13 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Hebrew support should be complete now, so closing bug.

I would still be interested in feedback about how combined speech and subtitles were handled in original Hebrew version of Simon the Sorcerer 2 though.

comment:14 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Status: newclosed

comment:15 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Component: Engine: AGOSEngine: AGI
Game: Simon the Sorcerer 2Space Quest 2

comment:16 by Kirben, 17 years ago

Component: Engine: AGIEngine: AGOS
Game: Space Quest 2Simon the Sorcerer 1
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