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ZAK: A few issues

Reported by: Kirben Owned by: fingolfin
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Cc: Game: Zak McKracken


I'm using enchanced version of Zak McKracken (English) with latest ScummVM cvs under Windows XP.

1.The inventory arrows are blue and are centered between the inventory items in the original game. The up arrow is between top two inventory items and down arrow is between bottom two inventory items. 2. Zak should be shown inside the airport after riding bus and shouldn't have to enter from the outside. 3. Zak doesn't show up in seat when travelling in plane.

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comment:1 by Kirben, 21 years ago

4. The verb commands section should not be shown during the copy protection failure sequence. This causes the verb commands section to shown up when game is restarted.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

This is a bad bug report. It reports multiple issues. Furthermore it's on a game which is not yet on our compatibility list and hence rather these issues should be added to the TODO, if at all.

comment:3 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Owner: set to fingolfin
Resolution: wontfix
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comment:4 by Kirben, 21 years ago

Why the zak bugs rejection ? zak (enchanced) is on the compatbility list and completable (Although not quite 80% yet). We do need to find all the remaining glitches (Endy has asked for specific issues several times) and todo isn't the place for detailed bug reports. Bug reports allow easy file attachments (save games/screenshots), comments by anyone and a reference for future. While todo is more suited to missing features and limited to developers only.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

I wasn't aware that Zak is already completable (only knew that of MM, and that with glitches). Still, so far our policy was that only things which are list as supported in the README are to be reported here. We did the same with COMI for a long time.

But in any case, you should still file one bug report for each bug, and not a single big one for multiple bugs. That makes tracking them harder.

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