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FOA: Crashes in beginning

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 4


Ok. here is exactly what happens.
I load up ScummVM.
The program can't find scummVM.ini, but the program
loads anyway.
I try to load Atlantis from the CD drive, but windows xp
gives me an error message.
So I copy Indy 4 to my hard drive.
I use scummvm to load it.
The game starts to work fine.
When I get to the part of the game in the beginning
where Indy sends the fake ghost out onto the stage, i
quickly see an error message in the second dos window
that says [05] instrument not specified, then when it
cuts to the scene where sophia sees the ghost coming
out, scummvm automatically closes.

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Here are my PC Specs:

Windows XP Professional
1 gig ram
avance ac97 audio
ati 7500 mobilitiy radeon

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

To process your bug report appropriately, we need you to provide the following
additional information:

* ScummVM version (scummvm -v)
* Bug details, including instructions on reproducing it
* Language of game (English, German, etc)
* Version of game (Talkie, Floppy...)
* Platform and Compiler (Win32, Linux, MacOS, etc)
* Attach a save game if possible
* If this bug only occurred recently, please note the
last version without the bug, and the first version
including the bug. That way we can fix it quicker by
looking at the changes made.

This should only take you a little time but will make it much easier for us to
process your bug report in a way that satisfies both you and us.

Thank you for your support!

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Summary: Indy 4 crashes in beginningFOA: Crashes in beginning

comment:3 by SF/hibernatus, 16 years ago

When scummvm crashes under Windows, run it from a
command prompt instead of the explorer, then reproduce the
bug. You will be able to see the very last error message.

comment:4 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

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