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File browser: show hidden files

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As default behaviour, the scummvm file browser doesn't show hidden files. This is good, since it reduces the items shown into the file browser. Nevertheless in some cases, installing a game using wine (due to the exe installer) causes all the game data files to be copied into .wine/ prefix, and this makes scummvm unable to find them. As a user, I have to find them, copy the whole directory under a visible path and run again scummvm. But, in order to do this, I have to barely know how wine manages directories. And I know (better, I am sure) very few users customize the installation path in a different place than the suggested one. Now, I see this behaiour can be easily changed: in the source tree, the file common/fs.h contains the declaration for bool getChildren(FSList &fslist, ListMode mode = kListDirectoriesOnly, bool hidden = false) const; which instruct the code not to show hidden files. If I change that "hidden=false" into "hidden=true" I tell scummvm I want to see hidden objects also. Further, I don't want this to be always "true", since in most cases I can live without. If I can set this to "true" just a single time, I can add my new game to the list and then the next time I won't need to see hidden files/directories anymore. So, what about a command line switch just to tell scummvm "show me hidden files/directories just for this time" ? Then, when scummvm won't find hidden objects, I (as a newbie user) will read the README and learn I can run "scummvm --show-hidden" in order to add my shiny new game, and tomorrow, when I'll have more spare time, I'll just click on my desktop icon and launch scummvm, since the game has already been added.

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comment:2 by lordhoto, 11 years ago

The browser dialog has been adapted to also allow to show hidden files. The changes have been merged in d0e9ef7dc12f5c9ff18f09536545c0e2e5e604d7.

Thank you for your suggestion.

comment:3 by SF/eblanca76, 11 years ago

Thank you lordhoto for your quick response. Also, your checkbox idea is very smart indeed! (more user friendly than a command line option :-) )

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