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SCI: PHARKAS CD - issues with Speech+Text Feature in intro

Reported by: misterhands Owned by: bluegr
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Cc: Game: Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist


Latest Win64 build FP CD Eng

3 issues in the introduction, related to the Speech + Text feature.

1) when set to Subtitles, only the first intro message by Wittlin' Willy is shown, then Freddy arrives.

2) when set to Both, the first text message by Wittlin' Willy stays stuck and is not updated for the subsequent lines

3) restarting the games messes up the Speech/Text/Both setting. If the setting is Both, it returns to it's original state, which is Speech. If the setting is Subtitles, you get neither speech nor text after restarting !

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comment:1 by misterhands, 11 years ago

I just looked in 230.msg and it looks like only the text of the first message is there, so that would explain issues 1) & 2).

If the text resource is indeed missing from the game files, I suppose it will be difficult to fix that, unless one creates an updated 230.msg file containing the missing text. Feel free to prove me wrong though ! :-)


comment:2 by SF/captainjei, 11 years ago

I know the text + speech function in Freddy Pharkas was a bit of a hack, since this wasn't available in the original. And the contents of the separate text and speech modes don't seem to quite match up.

I too would like to see this mode improved, and every once in a while I notice positive changes to it.

comment:3 by bluegr, 11 years ago

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Resolution: fixed
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comment:4 by bluegr, 11 years ago

There are two issues here: 1) The second and third text messages from Wittin' Willy's prologue are missing - this is a problem of the message resource files, as you said, cause the texts themselves are missing. There's not much we can do about that, apart from hacking the game's data files and scripts to add these missing dialogue texts. So this part of the bug can't be fixed easily, I'm afraid. 2) The wrong speech/text settings upon game restart have been fixed with commit ed6bc0a13dea0abee56182bc9ff0cd616942fd65

As mentioned, the speech+subtitles feature in Pharkas wasn't present in the original game, but the texts were. Sierra didn't sync the texts with the speech, which is why sometimes spoken lines do not have corresponding subtitles.

Closing as fixed, regarding the 3rd artifact. Artifacts 1 and 2 can't be fixed, as mentioned

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