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TSAGE: Blue Force - Non Repeatable Crashes

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I've been playing Blue Froce cd English as a aprt of release testing foor 1.5 on Windows 7 scummvm 1.5.0git3307-gd335b78 and although I completed the game it crashed several times.The crashes were NON repeatable. After restarting scummvm loading a save game and doing exactly the same the game wouldn't crash.

Following are all the moments the game crashed. I can add save games but as I said these didn't crash the second time.

Truck heist: abort when ask partner to cuff suspect First time at Skips boat rentals by clicking on the coupon book First time bikini hut: crash when ask partner to open trunk Day 4: when walking to carter On the island: searching the gunman after thowing the grenade

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comment:1 by SF/truus999, 12 years ago

Summary: Game crashes several timesBLUE force: Game crashes several times

comment:2 by digitall, 12 years ago

Summary: BLUE force: Game crashes several timesTSAGE: Blue Force - Non Repeatable Crashes

comment:3 by digitall, 12 years ago

truus999: Thank you for reporting this. Could you do provide the following information to help us progress this: 1. When you say crash, was this a Windows Application Crash or did ScummVM just error() and close? 2. ScummVM logs messages and errors to a file. Please find this log (IIRC in Documents and Settings/<name>/Application Data/ScummVM/Logs.. and post any relevant messages. 3. Could you attach a file listing of your Blue Force CD datafiles with file MD5sums to this bug as a text file. The output of a tool such as would be optimal. This is to eliminate any datafile differences/corruption as a cause of this. 4. Please replay from the start trying to replicate these, while having the console open so that any message/warnings and errors associated can be seen:

Apart from this, I will play through the game with a memrory debugger and see if I can spot any issues here.

comment:4 by digitall, 12 years ago

truus999: Also, attaching savegames at the points just prior to the error may be useful anyway for bug investigation, so if you could do this. Thanks.

comment:5 by SF/truus999, 12 years ago

First the easy answers. 1) ScummVM just closes 2) Log file is where you said it was but there;s only 1 empty file with a date of today 3) done and attached (I've only got blue.rlb). 4 Won't have time this wekend, maybe next week.

And yes a memory leak is the most likely suspect

by SF/truus999, 12 years ago

Attachment: BLUE.md5 added

comment:6 by digitall, 12 years ago

OK. That should be fine, as blue.rlb is the only datafile and the md5sum matches mine. I suspect this is a ScummVM error() out, so step 4. should reveal the error message and allow us to fix this. I will try in the meantime to replicate here.

comment:7 by SF/truus999, 12 years ago

The saved game (046) I;ve added in the other blue force bug report should work also for this bug repot. After the boat enter the island throw the grenade at the shooter and search him.

As I said before all those crashes were non repeatable.

comment:8 by sev-, 11 years ago

It may be connected with unitialized variables. Coverity could help with this.

comment:9 by Strangerke, 11 years ago

More or less all the Coverity issues related to TSAGE have been fixed now. Could you recheck?

comment:10 by digitall, 10 years ago

truus999: Could you please recheck to see if this is still occuring?

If you don't reply with an update, we will assume that this issue is fixed for you. Setting this bug to pending-fixed. If no update is received, it will be automatically closed in 14 days.

comment:11 by digitall, 10 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newpending

comment:12 by SF/truus999, 10 years ago

Sorry, I don't have any spare time at the moment to play through the game. Thanks for answering the bug report though!

comment:13 by sev-, 8 years ago

Status: pendingclosed
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