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SCI: KQ6 Spanish: mountain puzzle broken

Reported by: SF/anchounio Owned by: bluegr
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: King's Quest 6


I'm using the last version of ScummVM (1.4.1) Using Windows 7 Spanish Version of King's Quest 6 (recognised as CD version, despite this is the floppy one, there's no Spanish CD Version for this game) Floppy

I'll attach a savegame I've also include a link to a video I've uploaded to youtube.


1-First of all, the game is recognised as CD version, despite is the floppy one (there's no CD spanish version).

2-If I start the game, the text boxes will not appear. The ScummVM console marks the error "WARNING: Failed to find audio entry (200,12,1,1)

That's logical, cause it thinks this is the CD version.

This problem can be solved by changing the operating system from DOS to Windows, editing the game configuration in ScummVM

Now the text boxes appears, and the game can be played with no more issues... untill:

3- The game protection !!!(sacred mountain puzzle).

In this puzzle, you have to push the right letters to go forward. The solution in the Spanish version is pushing the letters S U B I R.

It was "R I S E" in the original version, but the text and the solution were translated in the spanish version.

As you can see in the video, the problem is that the position of the letters is changed when they're pushed... but even by pushing them at their "new" locations following the right sequence, the puzzle can't be solved (as I try in 0:38 of the video )

I've tried this version of the game with DOSBOX to check if it's a bugged version or something... but the puzzle was not bugged!!! The positions of the letters when pushed were not changed and the puzzle could be solved. So the version is not bugged.

So, right now, the Spanish version of King's Quest VI can't be completed.

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Savegame, same location as the one showed in the youtube video

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by SF/anchounio, 12 years ago

Attachment: kq6-cd-es.004 added

Savegame, same location as the one showed in the youtube video

comment:1 by wjp, 12 years ago

Summary: King's Quest 6 spanish version, protection Puzzle BUGSCI: KQ6 Spanish: mountain puzzle broken

comment:2 by SF/anchounio, 12 years ago

Component: Engine: SCI
Game: King's Quest 6

comment:3 by digitall, 12 years ago

anchounio: Thank you for the bug report. In order to progress this, we will need some further information from you, so if you could perform the following and report the results here.

1. Please test with the latest daily development build to check that these bugs are still occuring:

2. Please attach a file listing and MD5sums of your KQ6 Spanish Floppy datafiles to this bug as a text file attachment. The output of a tool such as would be optimal.

3. Please attach a file listing of your KQ6 Spanish Floppy datafiles with detection md5sums to this bug as a text file attachment. This is slightly trickier, but instructions are given here:

4. Please try running ScummVM from a command line window. Do the detection and report any warning outputs printed to the command line window console. This will help us elimnate fallback detection issues.

comment:4 by digitall, 12 years ago

For developers, I have checked the SCI engine detection tables. Only 1 entry for KQ6 Spanish is present, which is CD, which is probably the cause of this, but we will need to compare the datafile checksums from the bug submitter to jvprat's CD version: <snip> // King's Quest 6 - Spanish DOS CD (from jvprat) // Executable scanning reports "1.cfs.158", VERSION file reports "1.000.000, July 5, 1994" // SCI interpreter version 1.001.055 {"kq6", "CD", { {"", 0, "a73a5ab04b8f60c4b75b946a4dccea5a", 8953}, {"resource.000", 0, "4da3ad5868a775549a7cc4f72770a58e", 8537260}, {"resource.msg", 0, "41eed2d3893e1ca6c3695deba4e9d2e8", 267102}, AD_LISTEND}, Common::ES_ESP, Common::kPlatformPC, ADGF_CD, GUIO3(GAMEOPTION_PREFER_DIGITAL_SFX, GAMEOPTION_ORIGINAL_SAVELOAD, GAMEOPTION_FB01_MIDI) }, <end snip>

comment:5 by bluegr, 12 years ago

Thanks for your report, the bug has been fixed in the latest daily 1.5.0 version (commit 12b8534e2f56451cd9c142cd3c7725bbde4f9f10).

You can download the latest daily version for your platform here:

The error you were having in the cliffs of wisdom is that you set the game to Windows, and the engine incorrectly treated the glyph graphics in the puzzle as upscaled.

You will need to set the game platform to DOS for this version to work as expected, otherwise you will face more issues like the one you described in the cliffs of wisdom. Best thing to do would be to remove the game entry from the game launcher and readd it.

Closing as fixed

comment:6 by bluegr, 12 years ago

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