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COMPOSER: Liam Finds a Story (Mac) Not Detected

Reported by: SF/aluff Owned by: fuzzie
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Composer
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Liam Finds a Story (Mac) is not detected. md5 hashes from the first 5000 bytes of all files:

./by_intro.rsc 65c5725bd5dba8feea72b7af3b1b13cf ./ik_intro.rsc ea82e324a3a5de2ec215417c94464389 ./liam/PAGE01.RSC a8579246f05984200a7a4fc63fb26510 ./liam/PAGE02.RSC dc7940d30cd276d6b380e067f99cf4a1 ./liam/PAGE03.RSC 51f6d4599a1afe35d76665bfbb19ab21 ./liam/PAGE04.RSC 0046c38251b3f6faf289e326926b67c6 ./liam/PAGE05.RSC b0e25e87f3be2b6c2aab1b1c7356d777 ./liam/PAGE06.RSC 491d143156d606ed486dc59a314c13ca ./liam/PAGE07.RSC d0df1592b106c1e8ecbf7de85a7df1c6 ./liam/PAGE08.RSC 5262e51111c063f48d70cf4891307520 ./liam/PAGE09.RSC 63a01fc9dac09af51d25f9d0d15db50a ./liam/PAGE10.RSC 437587febe579dd0cda8e9b247b3c66d ./liam/PAGE11.RSC 9f4e7cb9d7acd0a9d384e5e4bdd05b3d ./liam/PAGE12.RSC 6cbf54b0f32683f353342c1043519dee ./liam/PAGE13.RSC 0e3cb295f8470103fefe435f8af64c70 ./liam/PAGE14.RSC c00bb401331f93f437893593e27d50f4 ./liam/PAGE15.RSC 7f4b2f663ce1126cd653cb79d9b2af63 ./liam/PAGE16.RSC db28b4bd19d95eeca1a04f298b7a968c ./liam/PAGE17.RSC 736c499a2196a0f66b070580b4d81e05 ./liam/PAGE20.RSC caf0ce9c228c461805944e3e4b44c118 ./liam/PAGE51.RSC 4668e043dee178aa2b0bf65ee12742d0 ./liam/PAGE52.RSC 48b871046cc1c7d612b513c1f950e3c3 ./liam/PAGE99.RSC 11b0a19c6b6d73c39e2bd289a457c1dc ./liam/TEXT01.DAT 89dcf7b02d6b701a2a955aca4103dd04 ./liam/TEXT02.DAT 93f1c28deee842a1cf99c451ccf49fae ./liam/TEXT03.DAT 9a0fbf51cae118adec5e11b0d8585b64 ./liam/TEXT04.DAT 0753b2231705f8d4c8ac1b78cbced2a0 ./liam/TEXT05.DAT a0074a463824a1e40f49ee741451a7dd ./liam/TEXT06.DAT 4a51dc24fbe91134d1a4fb454be0d0bf ./liam/TEXT07.DAT 3a3036676254fb7014fcdc719ce1e9bc ./liam/TEXT08.DAT 2be67fe13cd4df3a1996afa238dbea43 ./liam/TEXT09.DAT 217e938e0f602324c9d65106d6545683 ./liam/TEXT10.DAT bc1ed2a8a3c65bd41f51683f20313b03 ./liam/TEXT11.DAT 671926eea83969641048b3637c352980 ./liam/TEXT12.DAT e6070b38bd0a61d993fb568cb1c883c6 ./Liam Finds a Story de6fab5c7ba4b7385b26def4411cb31b ./Liam Finds a Story.ini 85a1ca6002ded8572920bbdb73d35b0a ./ls_intro.rsc 0642832d360ed66cb2fc8eff37632748 ./RETAIL.RSC e10bd691cd87bd41747a95be678e1143 ./splash.rsc 7afc4dd3efb69adc99c7fc433d9f4977 ./title.rsc b64d496854c3953decbcc342f0832615

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comment:1 by Strangerke, 12 years ago

Component: Engine: Composer
Owner: set to fuzzie

comment:2 by digitall, 12 years ago

Detection entry added to Git master in ad78ea6b506c0c97d6587a26a254ff912bcf4fa1

aluff: Please test with the next nightly build:

and confirm here if this is detected correctly, starts and runs correctly.

comment:3 by digitall, 12 years ago

Status: newpending

comment:4 by digitall, 12 years ago

As the user has failed to respond, assuming that this is working fine. Setting bug to pending. Unless the user responds, this will be automatically closed within 14 days.

comment:5 by bluegr, 12 years ago

Status: pendingclosed

comment:6 by bluegr, 12 years ago

Despite requesting a status update, no further information on this tracker item has been provided.

As a consequence, I am now closing this item as "Out of Date". Should you feel that this is not justified, feel free to re-open it while providing a status update at the same time, so that we can properly re-evaluate it.

Thank you.

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