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WII: Start ScummVM from hdd=crash

Reported by: SF/majinchibi Owned by: dhewg
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I have problem starting up the ScummVM Wii port official build 1.3.0. When I try to load it from my USB HDD it crashes with messages: BEGIN

startup as 'usb:/apps/scummvm/boot.elf' fatInitDefault failed WARNING: FSNode::createReadStream: 'scummvm.ini' does not exist! Default configuration file missing, creating a new one

assertion "_heapSize" failed: file "home/andre/devel/scummvm/scummvm/backend/plugins/elf/memory-manager.cpp", line 84, function: void ELFMemoryManager::allocateHeap() Abort called. ScummVM exited abnormally (-127) Press any key to continue.


I don't have problem running any other homebrew apps on my wii. As I understand there is a problem with detecting the HDD and its FAT filesystem. WiiMC had some similar problems before in older versions 1.1.1 ( It was successfully fixed in versions 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Would it be possible to implement that also in ScummVM?

When Scummvm is started from the sd card it does recognize my usb hdd without any problems. I think that problems with Wii build is related to old version of libogc. Current version has many fixes for USB hdds.

(Scummvm 1.4.git (7/7/2011) crashes exactly in the same way as official 1.3.0 build. )

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comment:1 by digitall, 12 years ago

Owner: set to dhewg

comment:2 by digitall, 12 years ago

dhewg: Are we building against the latest libogc release v1.8.7 (20110620) or an older version? If older, can we update this without much pain for release builds and buildbot?

comment:3 by dhewg, 12 years ago

The toolchain and libraries I use are more than old, they're ancient. Newer versions had showstoppers for my projects, but I actually tested the latest version just this week. 1.3.1 will still be based on the ancient stuff, but I might switch to something new for master, stay tuned.

comment:4 by digitall, 12 years ago

dhewg: Thanks. Will leave this open to keep track until you have migrated to latest libogc and are happy. Then we can have this user check a daily build to see if this has fixed his observed issues. Thanks again.

comment:5 by dhewg, 12 years ago

Well, I have it running locally. If just the toolchain wasn't made of so much fail... it won't run on the buildbot box and the buildscripts to build it from source contain at least the same amount of fail. </annoyed>

comment:6 by SF/mthreepwood, 12 years ago

Summary: Wii: Start ScummVM from hdd=crashWII: Start ScummVM from hdd=crash

comment:7 by digitall, 10 years ago

@Martin: We have recently updated the Wii toolchain used on buildbot, which has probably fixed this issue:

Please try with the latest nightly build for v1.7.0git:

comment:8 by digitall, 10 years ago

Tested with slightly outdated, but recent build v1.7.0git6276 running from FAT32 formatted USB drive of 8GB. No problems seen.

Closing this as fixed / outdated. Submitter is unresponsive, but if they still exhibit this bug, they can reopen this or file a newer bug.

comment:9 by digitall, 10 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:10 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Port: Wii
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