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LONGBOW: No in-game (MIDI) music

Reported by: raziel- Owned by: waltervn
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
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Cc: Game: Conquests of the Longbow


ScummVM 1.2.0svn52735 (Sep 15 2010 22:44:25) Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib

Using a MT-32 device

The Sierra logo and the whole intro has MIDI music, but as soon as the game starts (regardless if i choose to start from the beginning or restore a saved game) music will be completely silent. The device displays notes, so data is being received, just nothing is played.

If i do a manual reset on the device, music starts to play again, but obviously with some off notes due to missing patches (it sounds less off the sooner i manage to reset it)

Conquest of the Longbow: The Adventures of Robin Hood (DOS/English)

AmigaOS4 gcc (GCC) 4.2.4 (adtools build 20090118)

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comment:1 by bluegr, 14 years ago

Game: Conquests of CamelotConquests of the Longbow
Summary: SCI CAMELOT: No in-game (MIDI) musicLONGBOW: No in-game (MIDI) music

comment:2 by raziel-, 13 years ago

I did some more tests and this what came out of it

1) The home cave of Robin seems to be dead silent always 2) If i leave the cave (fireplace/river/benches scene) the FIRST time there is music, if i walk back into the cave and out again (or whatever direction) whenever i come back to the scene it's silent 3) If i open the map music is ALWAYS back, but it seems there are some places where music goes silent again

Hard to track as i've no insight in scripts, but maybe it lies in the scripts? I have installed the official patch for this game but not any GM/MT-32 patches

I'll stand by for further investigation :-)

comment:3 by waltervn, 13 years ago

Hubert, I believe all of that is how it's supposed to be. There is music outside of the cave the first time, because the Bard is present. When you go back inside the cave and go out again, he's gone, and so is the music. This game doesn't have background music in all rooms.

comment:4 by raziel-, 13 years ago


Ahhh, i see

That would explain the strange behaviour of the music all over the game, where it seems its working allright but let me encounter rooms without music from time to time

Thanks for the explanation, i never realized the bard bit before :-o

I think this can be closed then

Sorry for the inconveniance, i only started playing the game recently with the beautiful MIDI tunes

comment:5 by waltervn, 13 years ago

OK, closing... :)

comment:6 by waltervn, 13 years ago

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comment:7 by waltervn, 13 years ago

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