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BS1: Detects games in wrong places

Reported by: fingolfin Owned by: bluegr
Priority: high Component: Engine: Sword1
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: Broken Sword 1


The BS1 detector is not strict enough, leading to multiple entries when performing a mass detect. In particular, some of these entries may have limited functionality (missing cut scene videos / speech).

Specifically, when I point the mass detector at my sword1 directory (which is a merged copy of the BS1 CDs, with subdirs CLUSTERS, MUSIC, SPEECH, and VIDEO), ScummVM detects the game twice: Once in sword1, once in sword1/CLUSTERS. Unlike BS2, the second entry actually allows starting the game, but then cutscenes etc. are missing.

I would propose that we make the detector more strict. However, this case is less clear to me than the BS2 case, as at least in theory, a user might choose to play without cutscenes, music and speech data in order to preserve storage space (such as on a small device). So it is not completely clear to me whether my request can be realized... Though it would be nice to have this fixed at least in the context of the "mass detector" . This then might require changes to how we perform (mass) detection in general, though.

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comment:1 by sev-, 13 years ago

Priority: normalhigh

comment:2 by sev-, 13 years ago

This bug is nice to get fixed before the release. Raising priority for keeping the track.

comment:3 by criezy, 13 years ago

As Max wrote, the only required files to play are all in the CLUSTERS directory on the CDs (and many people keep the same layout when copying on the disk).

We could indeed be more strict, but that means making compulsory some other files that are currently optionals (e.g. music, speech or cutscenes). I would like to keep the possibility to play without the speech files since the files (even when compressed) are quite big and the game is perfectly playable without them and with the subtitles turned on. We could add one of the music file as required which would fix the double detections with the MASS ADD and only need a small file. For example for the mac and Windows (non-demo) we could look for the file 1M2.XXX (where XXX can be OGG, MP3, FLA, WAV or AIF).

The best I think would be to fix it in the context of the mass detector only, but it would require more work than just adding one music file to the list of required files.

comment:4 by bluegr, 11 years ago

Fixed in commit f915daa

We no longer detect the sword1 files inside the "clusters" folder

comment:5 by bluegr, 11 years ago

Keywords: detection added
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