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7Th Guest: No music WInce

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I´m playing 7th guest, thanks for those about that work.

But I can't play with "default" audio music. I have the following message error :

"ERROR: Groovie::Music: fat+ad not found !"

I´ve tried in ogg and mp3 file formats and still this doesn´t work.

The problem comes with music tracks, no with sound. In addition I can play in wince if I select "no music" in options´ music tab, Any other try leads to fatal error.

I´m testing two versions of scummVm: 1.1.0 official and the latest subversion of 1.1.1 This trouble happens in a ce2003se qvga hp ipaq 1940 ( Ít´s impossible to read that error in qvga screen, it seems ants) and a Htc 9000 ce5 vga

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comment:1 by jvprat, 14 years ago

Hi, The 7th Guest contains 2 types of music: some of it is in CD tracks (the ones you compressed to ogg/mp3) and the rest is in MIDI. The error you get is related to the MIDI music, and it seems to be because you forgot to copy the "" file to your data directory ( What I find strange about the error message is that the engine doesn't search for "fat+ad", but "". I don't know where the plus sign comes from. In case it doesn't work with the "" file, can you please verify it works with the same data files on a desktop computer? It may not be a WinCE specific issue. Thanks!

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