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CRUISE: Another German Version Not Detected

Reported by: SF/codemarvin Owned by: dreammaster
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Cruise
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: Cruise for a Corpse


Hi, the following version of the game is not detected:

It is a five floppy disk version in German language. The box tells, it is "Cruise for a Corpse" "Complete in German" "VGA 256 colors", with labels of "Cinematique", "US Gold", "Delphine Software"

Strange thing is that on the floppy disks there are no D1, D4, D5 files, but E1, E4, E5 with different MD5SUMs to the ones listed in the similar Bugreport ID: 2481859 from January. The other MD5SUMs are the same.

List of files:

637915 1992-06-10 13:38 d2 700952 1992-06-10 13:39 d3 591 1991-12-09 17:23 delphine.lng 560181 1992-06-10 13:46 e1 713479 1992-06-10 13:53 e4 659945 1992-06-10 13:54 e5 6418 1992-06-09 18:09 system.fnt 4 1992-05-18 15:52 vol.1 4 1992-05-18 15:52 vol.2 4 1992-05-18 15:52 vol.3 4 1992-05-18 15:53 vol.4 4 1992-05-18 15:53 vol.5 14372 1992-05-18 18:00 vol.cnf 4 1991-09-20 14:52 vol.end

5000 byte MD5SUMs:

79a00c118dc8b4588d49ea5712c3bf5b - ./e1 892d799a55b6b2aa8727a20b1d00b9db - ./d2 f151097a2d715829d1fc0917a8be2d11 - ./vol.5 515a33248e61351e40d54810739658b9 - ./vol.2 a1acc8333226621fce3af78f7287bc11 - ./vol.1 6f96d97129cbc3b09fc0ddf97a3e100d - ./d3 f6c5af598e91df231e7b97046bfccac4 - ./vol.3 b0c39146bf638f6df446b0bc9a1fe0f9 - ./vol.cnf 8d62a1c9cfa35a3a2bd1dcd7a7785af8 - ./system.fnt 14da373c3d239131930cc318f5044e30 - ./e5 361047157d71808f6f9eb3e6305a2889 - ./vol.end f9693c56e7eb7c7f615d9968452049dd - ./vol.4 dc54d1e06a57f4bfc3a5d8d7f6619c9f - ./delphine.lng ab20cc19ef0225a6d0be2bd0f257713d - ./e4a

Thanks & Cheers

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comment:1 by dreammaster, 15 years ago

One thing which isn't clear from your posting, particularly given the different filenames, is whether this version of the game actually runs with ScummVM. Have you been able to to compile the code and test whether ScummVM works with it? It will be a bit redundant to add the MD5 in yet if it doesn't, and I don't have the German version to add support for if it doesn't.

comment:2 by dreammaster, 15 years ago

Summary: Cruise for a Corpse - Another German Version Not DetectedCRUISE: Another German Version Not Detected

comment:3 by SF/codemarvin, 15 years ago

Looks not so good. I renamed the three E* files to their according D1,D4 and D5 counterparts and added the MD5 to the detection.cpp so that it detects 256color German version. Detection works fine then, but start gives:

User picked target 'cruise-de' (gameid 'cruise')... Looking for a plugin supporting this gameid... Cinematique evo 2 engine Starting 'Cinematique evo.2 engine game' scummvm: engines/cruise/volume.cpp:115: int Cruise::getVolumeDataEntry(Cruise::volumeDataStruct*): Assertion `volumeSizeOfEntry == 14 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4' failed. Abort

comment:4 by SF/codemarvin, 15 years ago

Sorry for fast follow up, but now have little more output with -d 3:

Found game: cruise (256 colors DOS/German) (6) ... new best match, removing all previous candidates Running Cruise for a Corpse (256 colors/DOS/German) Opening hashed: DELPHINE.LNG Opening hashed: system.fnt Opening hashed: VOL.CNF Disk number: 1 Disk number: 2 Disk number: 3 Disk number: 4 Disk number: 5 Load overlay: AUTO00 Attempting to load overlay file AUTO00.OVL... File found on disk 0 Opening hashed: D1 scummvm: engines/cruise/volume.cpp:115: int Cruise::getVolumeDataEntry(Cruise::volumeDataStruct*): Assertion `volumeSizeOfEntry == 14 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4' failed. Abort

comment:5 by dreammaster, 15 years ago

Hmmm.. unfortunately, that doesn't tell me much except to confirm that your game isn't like the standard followed by the other versions of the game. Which already seemed to be the case, given the different filenames used.

I personally don't really want to return to do any further major work on the game; maybe we can prevail on you to do further experimentation to see if you can figure out the differences and get the game working - you could always submit a patch. Either that or we just put a note for now that the German 256 colour version isn't supported, and maybe someone will look into it in the future.

comment:6 by SF/codemarvin, 15 years ago

Hi, I investigated deeper and it seems now to me that the files on my DOS floppy disks where changed and are not the original any more! So you can now close the case, as this problem most likely affects only me.

If you want to know what I found out, feel free to read on... According to the manual there should be a delphine.exe on the disk, but it is not. In hexeditor the E1, E4, E5 files have a header that starts with PKD (complete different to the D2 and D3 files) and after 14 bytes the filenames D1, D4, D5 can be seen. Also I found a file PRG on the first floppy disk that has the same PKD header and the string DELPHINE.EXE after 14 bytes. All this four files look like zipped data, with no more ASCII words to find in them (in opposite to the D2 and D3 file) My conclusion is that a pre-owners of my game disks used some packager (PackDev?) on the datafiles and the EXE and therefore the files are not usable. Virus was not found. I tried hard to "unpack" the files, but did not succeed.

The only effect for the Scummvm team of this case is now, that I cannot test "Cruise" for the 1.0.0 release... ;-)

comment:7 by dreammaster, 15 years ago

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comment:8 by cyxx, 15 years ago

For information, a tool (extract_cruise_pc) is now available to extract these E1,E4,E5 files (I had to extract them for my french version).

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