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ZAK256: Light in seattle cave

Reported by: SF/finalman242 Owned by: fingolfin
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If you turn on the lighter in the seattle cave, you will get a small circle of light that I'm pretty sure is supposed to follow your cursor, but instead it follows Zak.

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comment:1 by SF/finalman242, 22 years ago

Summary: Light is seattle caveZAK256: Light in seattle cave

comment:2 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

Are you sure about this? At least according to the disassmbly, the light circle follows the main actor, not the mouse. But I never played the original Zak256, so I don't know from first hand.

comment:3 by SF/finalman242, 22 years ago

I haven't played the original Zak256 either, but in Zak for DOS it does follow the mouse. It feels like just lighting up your feet kinda hurts the usability of the lighter.

Does anyone know how it is really supposed to work in Zak256?

comment:4 by SF/zpeidar, 22 years ago

try the emu

comment:5 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

zpeidar, would you please enlighten us as to what that cryptic comment is meant to be? Are you by chance refering to the Emu, a rather big bird well known for its fast running speed and it's tail feathers? Or are you hinting at some sort of EMUlation? If that be so, what emulator would that be? Saying to much is not good, but saying to little is often worse. :-)

comment:6 by SF/zpeidar, 22 years ago

unz the FM-Towns emu(lator), i found it at the page before they shut that down, It`s aviable at: Of course you`ll need an original cd/iso file for zak256 and some ROM files for FM- TOWNS. but it`ll do.

Sorry for the "cryptic comment" =)

comment:7 by SF/finalman242, 22 years ago

I have been sitting two days now, trying to get zak256 to run under an emulator. Today i acutally managed to start the game in the UNZ emulator, wich was diffucult enough, as the emulator is in japanese, and i ended up hacking the INI file, wich was the only thing that was in english. Sadly enough, the game just gave me an "out of heap memory" error and froze.

The fmBochs emulator just crashed when i tried to run the game. Any suggestions?

Here is a link to a document describing how to get Zak running in UNZ: (Warning! Contains links to what i belive is copyrighted material!!!) The instructions didn't work for me, but someone else may have better luck.

comment:8 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:9 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

The flashllight now follows the mouse in Zak256

comment:10 by fingolfin, 21 years ago

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