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Goblins 2/Mac/French - Detected as DOS French

Reported by: SF/koalet Owned by: DrMcCoy
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Gob
Keywords: detection Cc:
Game: Gobliins 2


Another MAC missing found. :)

File sizes:

12/31/2008 09:05 997.418 Disk2.stk
12/31/2008 09:05 921.796 Disk3.stk
12/31/2008 09:05 837.275 Intro.stk
12/31/2008 09:05 1.658 Musmac1.mid
12/31/2008 09:05 1.287 Musmac2.mid
12/31/2008 09:05 1.807 Musmac3.mid
12/31/2008 09:05 2.814 Musmac4.mid
12/31/2008 09:05 9.213 Musmac5.mid
12/31/2008 09:05 1.143 Musmac6.mid


6257093d43b1151c4d19eacc008cf3fa D:\ScummVM\gob2\MAC.FR\Disk2.stk offset 0-5000
842fb8b4683183ed78c4501843c6e6ed D:\ScummVM\gob2\MAC.FR\Disk3.stk offset 0-5000
a13ecb4f6d8fd881ebbcc02e45cb5475 D:\ScummVM\gob2\MAC.FR\Intro.stk offset 0-5000
33dcd99ea4d0090df9c663efd9495326 D:\ScummVM\gob2\MAC.FR\Musmac5.mid offset 0-5000

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comment:1 by DrMcCoy, 11 years ago

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comment:2 by DrMcCoy, 11 years ago

Err, are you sure you didn't mix something up again? Because this is the same version than the one you reported last time:
a13ecb4f6d8fd881ebbcc02e45cb5475 D:\ScummVM\gob2\MAC.FR\Intro.stk

(The extra fonts are missing though, interestingly)
If you already tried with the latest daily build, than it isn't in there yet apparently. Please wait for the next one and try again.

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