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#4065 closed defect (wontfix)

goldrush: detected as agi-fanmade

Reported by: SF/koalet Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGI
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: Goldrush


The Dos version is detected as agi-v3-fanmade on 0.13svn

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer ( # Generated 12/31/2008 07:37:06

f94488d7dc93be247151eb9f5503cbf0 *_GR.BAT d861bc9b6044327d6fc3db63874986b6 *_INSTALL.BAT ce6d51ac9a48a7eb0a2aa94827b9e850 *AGI 940144fea8dce843eb56e61f1793ca9f *AGIDATA.OVL dbf46c59c825dd160c523497efb90dd9 *CGA_GRAF.OVL 931a099c9c2325ffbc1c4b89349884bb *EGA_GRAF.OVL cabfa2dd4ac12abef8ac740a8dbf1e06 *EXIST.COM 7e4d24af6d6478e70af766942324b618 *GR122388.QA 3ae052117feb483f01a9017025fbb366 *GRDIR 72e72e8ac0b8139e15980c188aa0dd42 *GRSG.1 862c41aacf8b7a39b69bcf2bf9e6b20c *GRSG.2 099cf878595fea15a4b2506d40b8ea53 *GRVOL.0 8ddf79efdb570d3f56e6fc693ac916a3 *GRVOL.1 e2291ecbc0ddc036eb15ce2ac3417116 *GRVOL.10 eea575e47b1e8fbd915ed34b68ee17c9 *GRVOL.11 0649df472c193ca624dbe5f1327d357e *GRVOL.12 0dcb93d9e2901a8b41035812305ed135 *GRVOL.2 0cacd4aef3c9e3e9135166c8365ae262 *GRVOL.3 9e3e470c693a1bfbf545e5fc1bde7982 *GRVOL.4 6d6e1231594b8b5041aa8af64b13a161 *GRVOL.5 7b44a218c8ec630c96d9d452e51f43b3 *GRVOL.9 c12f3c4cc0a11230c126d0de4c35c293 *HGC_GRAF.OVL 5c10fbfc50be808c54b74d50cee4ff41 *INSTALLH.BAT 38bd521db6e73a0960b5bc77bb19f2d8 *JR_GRAF.OVL 5608ad74bcf35065dfe292ed7fd78e2c *MAKEPATH.COM 9fa64d3f27c489933c6d9700e94f1791 *OBJECT 950bfd0db1aa9fba4289a92ad2612780 *RESETDSK.COM 041ea3e2ec7f369b8c6415d166214d9f *SIERRA.COM e99aba825bf3545a113c3fde619f98f6 *VG_GRAF.OVL ce085fc2ef513d084c4396d29ab5086b *WORDS.TOK

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comment:1 by bluegr, 15 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

comment:2 by bluegr, 15 years ago

This is a known cracked version which is not added because we don't support cracked versions. It's just detected as a generic AGI game

Closing as "Won't fix"

comment:3 by SF/koalet, 15 years ago

thebluegr, so I have a real issue, since I have those files on a original Sierra disk.

Don't remember if I bought it on a store of if I got from second hand (which could explain. it's a floppy, so anyone could change the files)

Thanks a lot

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