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T7G: Ouija board causes music to stop

Reported by: SF/aroenai Owned by: spookypeanut
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At any time in the game if you click on the ouija board (menu screen), the music stops and doesn't start again until the next "ghostly" scene. A few other places cause the music to stop, like the hands scene on the painting at the top of the stairs.

This does not happen in the adlib mode.

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comment:1 by sev-, 15 years ago

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Summary: Ouija board causes music to stopT7G: Ouija board causes music to stop

comment:2 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

Could you let us know what platform you're using ScummVM on, and which music drivers you have tried?

Notes to myself: the music stops for the hands scene on the painting at the top of the stairs, but that happens in the original interpreter. The music seems to stop and not restart with both adlib and general midi when going to the ouija board (menu). With the original (OEM DOS) interpreter, the music restarts before the scene fades back in. Notes from Scott re this issue: AIL docs reset volume back to full when starting a new midi sequence, and it appears that when a midi stops due to silencing the volume the background should start

comment:3 by SF/aroenai, 15 years ago

It's the Win32 daily build, tried both the windows midi and the real roland mt-32 drivers.

comment:4 by SF/aroenai, 15 years ago

Now it appears to be completely broken, if you go back to rev 35811 (at least on the wii build which only has adlib) the music resumes after you click return. In rev 35865 the music doesn't restart in adlib mode.

In the original dos and win95 interpreters the music resumed after returning from the menu screen.

comment:5 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I've had a quick look into this, and both r35811 and current head (r35866) behave the same: it seems to be random. Sometimes the music comes back, sometimes it doesn't (I tried going to the menu and back about 10 times on each). I'm sure it's not random, but I don't think that there is a difference between 35811 and 35866 though (all of this is adlib, btw).

comment:6 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

Can you try with r36125 or later? I think I committed a fix (hope it doesn't break anything else...).

comment:7 by SF/aroenai, 15 years ago

Rev. 36143 Adlib resumes after returning from the menu, but when you do the same thing in General Midi, it plays one note (if you're lucky) and dies.

comment:8 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

Damn. Should have tested that. I think I *might* know what's causing it, I'll try and sort it this weekend.

comment:9 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

After a lot of faffing about, it seems to have been something quite simple. r36173 fixes the problem for me, in both adlib and gm. Closing this now, let me know if there are still issues.

comment:10 by spookypeanut, 15 years ago

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