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WOODRUFF:Graphics and pathfinding bug in WinCE version

Reported by: SF/kortes Owned by: DrMcCoy
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SCUMMVM 12 WINCE edition. Language is english. Sometimes (rather often) woodruff can go not to a place where you tap.For example if u wanna replay this bug (in my case sure) in the first screen tap to the left exit of the map (stairs street) and then to the right (sad buzuck), anyway woodruff should go to the left but just before the exit he'll appear near the right exit and go away in 2 steps.Also the same bug can be shown when woodruff talks to someone.For instance talking to a woman in sad buzuck screen.If u remember woodruff should sit near her , so he sits but the step before he may do under her and so on...Also after the talk he appears where he was before the talk (in this case - under her)... Also (not a bug- maybe slow CPU) when background animation starts woodruff slows down-and this till next map... One is fantastic- I didn't find (yet %) ) any bug , that can stops me playing woodruff on ppc. P.S. My ppc - dell x51v with wm 6.1 624mgz and VGA. P.P.S. I think that there is no need of save(bug in the first screen) and printscreen(cause u can see it only in video).

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Summary: Graphics and pathfinding bug in WinCE versionWOODRUFF:Graphics and pathfinding bug in WinCE version

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What is the status of this item?

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The second one is a case of slow CPU.

I don't really understand the first one though. Could you please 1) Check it's still happening in the latest daily build 2) Write a detailed step-by-step on how to produce it 3) Attach screenshots if possible? Or maybe even video record it?


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Thank you.

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