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DC: Graphics problem in WoodRuff

Reported by: SF/nightshad Owned by: DrMcCoy
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Cc: Game: Woodruff


The game screen position looks to be too much high because I can't see the Menu text upside the screen and the pointer is not visible because of that ...

I don't know if it's normal but there's a long black part under the game screen and I also can't see the action text in the bottom of the screen ... So when the pointer is on an item I can't see what it is ...

I only see the first line of pixel where I can see there's supposed to be some text ....

I would like to know if anybody else have this problem or if it's just my TV that is stretched ... But I don't have this problem with other games ...

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comment:1 by SF/nightshad, 16 years ago

Summary: Graphics problem with Dreamcast portGraphics problem with Dreamcast port of WoodRuff

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Does the issue also occur if you play the game on Windows (or Linux, Mac OS X, whatever your desktop computer uses) ?

comment:3 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Owner: set to zeldin
Summary: Graphics problem with Dreamcast port of WoodRuffDC: Graphics problem in WoodRuff

comment:4 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

To process your bug report appropriately, we need you to provide the following additional information:

* ScummVM version (PLEASE test the latest CVS/Daily build) * Bug details, including instructions on reproducing it * Language of game (English, German, ...) * Version of game (talkie, floppy, ...) * Platform and Compiler (Win32, Linux, MacOS, ...) * Attach a save game if possible * If this bug only occurred recently, please note the last version without the bug, and the first version including the bug. That way we can fix it quicker by looking at the changes made.

This should only take you a little time but will make it much easier for us to process your bug report in a way that satisfies both you and us.

Thank you for your support!

comment:5 by SF/nightshad, 16 years ago

ok, it's ScummVM v0.12 Dreamcast port. It's the french Talkie version of the game.

I tested it on ScummVM 0.12 WinXP yesterday and the visual output is Ok ... although I found that compared to other games the top menu is small and at the very top of the screen... and the text I don't see on my dreamcast is at the very bottom of the screen ...

Maybe it's only my TV .. So it would be great if somebody could test it on the Dreamcast to confirm if there's no missing graphics on top and bottom.


comment:6 by sev-, 15 years ago

What is the status of this item?

comment:7 by zeldin, 15 years ago

I don't have this game, so I can't compare the video output to other ports. There is a demo on, but it's non-interactive, so I guess it doesn't contain the menu referred to here?

comment:8 by sev-, 15 years ago

DrMcCoy, any comment?

comment:9 by sev-, 15 years ago

Owner: changed from zeldin to DrMcCoy

comment:10 by DrMcCoy, 15 years ago

Yes, the non-interactive demo is basically just a video file.

The menu /is/ small and at the extreme top and the test /is/ at the extreme bottom with black space above though. So that could be an issue with the TV setup.

Or maybe a DC specific bug, because the GobEngine copies different surfaces together to emulate a split-screen. That part got changed around a bit during the last year, so maybe someone should test that again.

comment:11 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Any news on this? Martin, how does this work on 1.1.1 ? It would also be good to decide whether your TV setup plays a role or not...

comment:12 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

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