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SCUMM: md5s for a fistful of italian fan translations

Reported by: SF/glorifindel Owned by: sev-
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Hi, here there are the md5 of the italian translations ( of:

Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis Talkie CD SCUMM gameid 'atlantis', file 'atlantis.000', MD5 '6a218dd9125ff15a1f840770a2c4a05d'

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders FMTOWNS SCUMM gameid 'zak', file '00.LFL', MD5 'd7681f89ea70da03ad3717d34e24271f'

LOOM VGA CD SCUMM gameid 'loom', file '000.LFL', MD5 '31766a0c306088d38e1c3fa33ee8e570'

Indiana Jones and the last crusade FMTOWNS SCUMM gameid 'indy3', file '00.LFL', MD5 'b27efc535df2bc2db998947c15ce57fb'

Regarding this last game, it doesn't start on the latest SVN version and hangs the program, as reported on bug file 1842260, and it has always worked with version 0.10.0 of ScummVM. I attach the final version of the Indy3FMTOWNS patch (WIN32/64 only) so you can check.

Thanks you for your precious work!

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Final version of indy3 FMTOWNS ita patch

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by SF/glorifindel, 16 years ago

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Final version of indy3 FMTOWNS ita patch

comment:1 by SF/glorifindel, 16 years ago

Another md5:

Indiana Jones and the last crusade PC VGA Floppy SCUMM gameid 'indy3', file '00.LFL', MD5 'e893df6788fc63fef936dd531f9712ec'

(It's a new revised version of the old patch that should already be in ScummVM database, please update it with this new md5, thanks!)

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

We do not generally accept MD5s for fan made translations. They should not be necessary, either. If some game does *not* start correctly without the patch, then please file a bug report for this issue, and we can try to fix it (as you seem to have done, if I understand you correctly).

Eugene, what do you think?

comment:3 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Owner: set to sev-

comment:4 by sev-, 16 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
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comment:5 by sev-, 16 years ago

Yes, we do not add those. The reasons are (a) fan translations tend to get updated and thus, md5 chaged. Should we support all variants? And (b) Fingolfin improved SCUMM game detector just for that.

So if some game does not start, file a bugreport, as we will need to improve the detector. Otherwise use it as is and set the language manually.


comment:6 by SF/glorifindel, 16 years ago

Hi, I assure you that these md5 will not change anymore; all these patch are finished and well-tested (you can check at, some of theme were completed years ago and never re-touched, the very old indy3vga ita patch (whose md5 are recognized by ScummVM) was revisited recently by me for its many mistakes (and will be the only case, I promise!). I know mine could be a silly request, but is nice to see a game added and recognized correctly as "##### DOS VGA Italian " (for example), without the "Your game version appears to be unknown. Please report..." warnings and the language to be set manually; and the more version covered, the better, right? In your md5 archives you've already added some fan translation, you're only work is to add these md5 and many (if not all) italian users will be happy and less bored! I've done my best to collect all these md5 (that, again, are not going to be changed, so no multiple variants at all) and send to you, please reconsider your decision...

comment:7 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

We do not have fan based translations in our database anymore -- or if we have, then it's by mistake. Please point out fan translations in there so that we can remove them.

I understand your desire to be "automatically" recognized, but at least for now, we have no plans to enable that. Maybe at one point we will allow a second table with fan translations; but as it is, there are gazillions out there, and it is difficult if not impossible for us to determine which are the "right" ones, and how "stable" they are.

comment:8 by SF/glorifindel, 16 years ago

Ok, I'm surrender ;-) I'll send a feature request regarding this topic. The only fan translation md5 (of scumm games) I'm aware is Indiana Jones and the last crusade PC VGA. Thanks for your explanation (and your patience)!

PS: all the italian adventure gamers communities are waiting for version 0.11.0! Good work!

comment:9 by Strangerke, 10 years ago

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