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samnmax background problem (demo is ok!)

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samnmax backgrounds are not shown correctly.. the strange thing is, the sam & max demo works ok.

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comment:1 by vincenthamm, 22 years ago

This is because you're must be using the CD version of sam&max. Floppy (and demo) version are Scumm V6, but CD version is Scumm V7.

comment:2 by SF/japj, 22 years ago

ah.. that seems to be correct, since the samnmax.exe contains: "7.0.1 (Mar 31 1994 17:42:42)".

However, when I do a binary compare on the room image data there are no differences (I extracted the RMIM parts out of the demo & the game with ScummRev 2.0.12).

So the image data of the CD game is exactly the same as the demo (so in theory, the backgrounds could be drawn correctly.. but they aren't).

comment:3 by (none), 22 years ago

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If you edit gfx.cpp in line 644

} else { if (_vm->_vars[VAR_V5_DRAWFLAGS]&2) blit(_backbuff_ptr, _bgbak_ptr, 8, h); else { _vm->_vars[VAR_V5_DRAWFLAGS]=_vm->_vars[VAR_V5_DRAWFLAGS]|2; blit(_backbuff_ptr, _bgbak_ptr, 8, h); // clear8Col(); } }

The commented out line is the original. If you modify this, the backgrounds will be displayed in Sam 'n' Max. However, the inventory and the icons at the bottom of the screen for text are still missing.

comment:4 by SF/demon, 22 years ago

Trying the latest CVS version of ScummVM with the CD-ROM talkie data files (on an iBook running Linux, no less!) is working, for the most part. I had the black background always problem, but the latest CVS seems to have (mostly) eliminated it. The only real visual problems that remain are:

- The "sliding LucasArts logo" intro still is a little broken, the background ends up white, but now the logos appear.

- The "opening credits" part of the intro only shows the center image - the top and bottom images don't show up, just green. Also, the text is on a green background.

Also, in the main game, if you click the inventory button in the lower-left corner, the inventory appears, but Sam ends up on top of the inventory box.

comment:5 by SF/strigeus, 22 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:6 by SF/strigeus, 22 years ago

should be fixed now, if not, reopen

comment:7 by Kirben, 15 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
Game: Sam and Max
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