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Sound FX & voice out of sync in DOTT&SAM

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While playing DOTT and SAM'N'MAX cd-rom version the voices and sound efects are played with a 2 seconds delay (ie. car crashes in a wall, crash sound plays after 2 seconds). There is no problem with the quality of the sound there is just the 2 seconds delay with voices and sound effects.

Running scumvm 0.2.0 on linux kernel 2.4.18

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comment:1 by (none), 22 years ago

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This also happens with the nightly CVS builds up to and including 6/27/2002. Beautiful emulator other than that, though. Better than perfect, even.

comment:2 by SF/doogman, 22 years ago

With Samnmax, I noticed this as well, especially in the beginning scene. If you listen, the first sound you hear is squeeling tires. While it's been a LONG time since I played this game before scummvm, I'm reasonable sure the first sound should be "friends". This might be the source of the 2 second lag.

I noticed if you ESC out of the beginning and the credits, the voices are sync'ed up again in the game.

I'm using the 20020628 snapshot in Linux.

comment:3 by (none), 22 years ago

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Inserting this line:

_talkDelay = 0;

into scummvm.cpp pretty much anywhere in the function Scumm::scummLoop(int delta) will fix the voice sync problem. The SFX are still out of sync, though, so I imagine my "fix" is just a temporary workaround until the real problem is solved.

The difference between the action and the sound is about 3/4 second on my system using the daily CVS builds. Still way too out-of-sync for my tastes.

If anyone who knows better could post a message about how sounds are timed to begin playing, I could try to find a better solution. I've looked through sound.cpp, and I can see how sounds are queued and played, but I can't find anything that handles timing.

comment:4 by (none), 22 years ago

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Whoah! This bug is FIXED as of 20020705 nightly builds. Hallelujah! DOTT is now PERFECT (assuming something else didn't break...)

comment:5 by (none), 22 years ago

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I just tried SAM and DOTT with the 20020705 builds.

DOTT still seems to have that "sound plays too long" problem. For example, when you put Hoagie down the chimney, it makes the generic stretching sample noise, but doesn't stop when the action is over--rather, it keeps going on until the sample is finished. This seems to be bug#556464, an unrelated problem. The voice and sound sync is good other than that.

SAM still has a lot of problems. You get the screeching tires at the beginning (and elsewhere), and the MIDI From what I understand, SAM has a very different MIDI engine than the other games. This could be it. But the voices and sounds, in general, sync with the action.

So I'd say this particular problem is solved.

Another interesting observation. In DOTT, I got subtitles, even though I turned them off, for certain actions. It seemed that whenever an inanimate object "said" something (dinging the bell at the front desk, punching oozo the clown punching bag), it got subtitled anyway. I'm not sure if that's the way it was in the game to begin with.

comment:6 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

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comment:7 by fingolfin, 22 years ago

The subtitles issue should be fixed (at least I can't reproduce it anymore), feel free to file a seperate report if you still can reproduce it.

The screeching tires indeed are a problem in Sam&Max, but that's again another unrelated issue (you are right there :-)

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