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#3108 closed defect (fixed)

GOB2: Mac detected has PC version in last SVN

Reported by: SF/fac76 Owned by: DrMcCoy
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Gob
Keywords: detection Cc:
Game: Gobliins 2


I noticed that the Mac version is detected as the PC version. Could this bug be fixed?

Looking at the source, i found (detection.cpp):

331 {
332 {
333 "gob2",
334 "",
335 AD_ENTRY1("intro.stk", "b45b984ee8017efd6ea965b9becd4d66"),
336 EN_GRB,
337 kPlatformPC,
338 Common::ADGF_NO_FLAGS
339 },
340 GF_GOB2,
341 "intro"
342 },
343 {
344 {
345 "gob2",
346 "",
347 {
348 {"intro.stk", 0, "b45b984ee8017efd6ea965b9becd4d66", 828443},
349 {"musmac1.mid", 0, "a02553bd7b42e1bc1d24bac1f089dc6d", 124540},
350 {NULL, 0, NULL, 0}
351 },
353 kPlatformMacintosh,
354 Common::ADGF_NO_FLAGS
355 },
356 GF_GOB2,
357 "intro"
358 },

I don't understant much of c++, but the mac entry has some diferences.
And what are the values 828443 and 124540? The first one is the filesize but the second one isn't (musmac1.mid has 1658 bytes).

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comment:1 by SF/fac76, 13 years ago

Summary: Gob2: Mac version not detected in last SVNGob2: Mac detected has PC version in last SVN

comment:2 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Those are file sizes. Apparently, either there is a mistake in the table, or your copy of the game is damaged, or there are multiple Gob2 versions for mac with differing sizes in the musmac1.mid file. What MD5 checksum does your musmac1.mid have?


comment:3 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Component: Engine: Gob
Game: Gobliins 2
Keywords: detection added
Summary: Gob2: Mac detected has PC version in last SVNGOB2: Mac detected has PC version in last SVN

comment:4 by SF/fac76, 13 years ago

md5= 7f96f491448c7a001b32df89cf8d2af2

comment:5 by DrMcCoy, 13 years ago

Yes, these are the sizes and apparently, your version is different than the one listed there.
I added it, thanks!

comment:6 by DrMcCoy, 13 years ago

Owner: set to DrMcCoy
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:7 by DrMcCoy, 13 years ago

Ah, didn't see fingolfin's comment and haven't thought about the possibility that your copy might be damaged.
So, does it work?

comment:8 by sev-, 13 years ago

Yes, I checked here. The checksum and filesize of musmac1.mid were wrong, no idea where it came from.

comment:9 by SF/fac76, 13 years ago

I noticed a few more things:
1 - intro.stk has the same md5 for PC and Mac version;
2 - The mac version uses the same music as the amiga version;
3 - With scummvm Gobliins 2 Mac music is the same as the one we ear in the PC demo (i think Mac version must have both soundtracks);

comment:10 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

fac76, it's mostly useless to post such observations on a closed tracker item. If you consider any of them to be a bug, please file new bug reports, one for each issue. If you want certain features to be added, please file feature requests, again one tracker item for precisely one request.

comment:11 by SF/koalet, 11 years ago

Same problem here

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 12/31/2008 07:19:38

2a56133ca40849215c1e66c2155a9875 *All.ask
89f7ef7f82590e714967f88df7307255 *Disk2.stk
d68d88d2116e9f72ce8e1fc984c5cb39 *Disk3.stk
40fefdaab076e4f820d2dcf1e20889cd *Go.bat
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e *Icon_
a5e232fcd02733c7dffff107d22d36eb *INTRO.STK
9b6de65d811c08eebf50391b84fcba92 *Intro2.stk
0d285bf881fbc460f2e7c8fa25750a03 *Jeudak.fnt
550b27dcee92a43d8db448fb0bf88c78 *Jeulet1.fnt
c8a7ff84c63cb0bca21d295ba0bb584c *Jeulet2.fnt
f638643ec5eb5e293ff0a4bae3797424 *L360.gdr
2d8b53126c02a102dd439778c1d1a078 *Lvga.gdr
536a91ce917562c6e654625aaa9d8ff3 *Maj1.fnt
2ec0e1a967c72a3904c39e5ffb720d4d *Maj2.fnt
cf7d465f332e68660483c1dc2678c216 *Maj3.fnt
7f96f491448c7a001b32df89cf8d2af2 *Musmac1.mid
16dd21b3f8915b2f69f376976a91c20e *Musmac2.mid
ecfc41446aca28b33409a678fc4fdda8 *Musmac3.mid
5ce38ef4b45f04211ecedcc8965bede6 *Musmac4.mid
e2bc33efce12cdf2d69ed94eddf4c125 *Musmac5.mid
64960e9433546cc9118c55a5a9b76045 *Musmac6.mid

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