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INDY4/MI2 AMIGA-Sounds doesn't change dynamically READ NOTE

Reported by: SF/atl4ntis Owned by: Kirben
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Hello, i 've noticed this problem on indiana jones 4 and monkey island 2 ( i think this problem affect the other games too ) Amiga version ita and eng. The musics doesn't change during the gameplay in the same scene, iMuse is famous to do that.(for example, in the intro of indy if you wait the fight against Klaus kerner, the music doesn't change, or if you skip the first part of intro pressing esc the music remain the same).I've noticed that during the gameplay too. Sounds fx like ie. doors open doesn't work at all. As read in the docs of scummvm i used all the files *.ims and *.000 -> *.011 I used scummvm for win version 0.8.0 and 0.8.1. I tried all the possible sound configurations to solve the problem, but nothing appened. Sorry for my english. Best Regards Antonio

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comment:1 by SF/atl4ntis, 18 years ago

Summary: Sounds don't change dynamicallySounds doesn't change dynamically

comment:2 by SF/atl4ntis, 18 years ago

Summary: Sounds doesn't change dynamicallyINDY4/MI2 AMIGA - Sounds doesn't change dynamically

comment:3 by SF/quietust, 18 years ago

Something tells me you've never actually played the Amiga versions of those games before - a HUGE amount of music was completely removed from the Amiga version of Indy4 and a considerable amount was also removed from Amiga Monkey2, as well as ALL of the sound effects.

My guess is that it was the only way they could manage to fit the games on 11 low density 880KB floppies (which is arguably still way too many) without requiring a hard disk install (in which case they could have compressed the data).

As for the *.IMS files, they contain the MIDI instruments used for (what remains of) the background music, but they are currently unused by ScummVM.

comment:4 by Kirben, 18 years ago

Closing, as this isn't a ScummVM bug, but a limitation of original Amiga versions.

comment:5 by Kirben, 18 years ago

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comment:6 by SF/atl4ntis, 18 years ago

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Summary: INDY4/MI2 AMIGA - Sounds doesn't change dynamicallyINDY4/MI2 AMIGA-Sounds doesn't change dynamically READ NOTE

comment:7 by SF/atl4ntis, 18 years ago

Man, i've played only the amiga version, i've now an amiga, i can play it now. I finished those game 10 15 times. The music change during the gameplay( when klaus kerner leak you the statue, when klaus kerner appear behind the wood box and so on), i can give you thousand of examples, and when i open a door, after switching many disks, i can ear the sound of the door opened, and so on. Have you played those games with the amiga? Pls check, I've made my homework.

comment:8 by Kirben, 18 years ago

Owner: set to Kirben
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comment:9 by Kirben, 18 years ago

You obviously have not played the Amiga version, please do not re-open this bug report again.

comment:10 by SF/quietust, 18 years ago

I'm playing it right now in WinUAE (I'm too lazy to power up my Amiga right now), and from the moment the Indy theme finished playing during the intro, it looped through the "siamese cat statue intro room" music (equivalent from the PC version) throughout the rest of the intro. There were no music changes at the spots you mentioned - not when Kerner took the statue, and not when he appeared from behind the crate. There are also no sound effects to speak of (other than when Indy was falling from room to room during the intro).

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