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MI1 SegaCD: not all swordfighting dialog is selectable

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Game: Monkey Island 1


In MI1 SegaCD, dialog lines are selected by using the 6
and 7 keys to scroll up and down. This creates a major
bug in swordfighting, however.

Once the player has gotten over 7 responses in the
insults/comebacks dialog tree, only the first 7 are
selectable. That is, if he/she repeatedly presses 7 to
scroll down, the game will have Guybrush say the
seventh insult/comeback known instead of scrolling
farther down the list.

This doesn't make the trial unwinnable, but combat with
the Sword Master is much harder, since winning it
depends on the random chance of Carla asking insults
whose responses are the first 7 comebacks known.

I'm pretty sure this has been a bug in ScummVM from the
beginning, but I'm using the Win32 compile of ScummVM
from September 3, and playing the English SegaCD
version of MI1.

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comment:1 by SF/celemar, 14 years ago

Oops, this is already a submitted issue. I forgot to check
before I submitted. Sorry for the extra bug report; please
delete this one.

comment:2 by sev-, 14 years ago

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