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DIG: Voices not working on OS X

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All the other sound seems to be working normally (Movie sound, sound effects), but the voices from The Dig do not play when the characters speak ingame. This is using the latest version of ScummVM on OS 10.3.9

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comment:1 by sev-, 19 years ago

Is there any console output?

Also may you provide layout of your files in game directory with file sizes?

comment:2 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

And what do you mean with "latest version" ? The latest CVS build, or 0.7.1 or something else?

Do you have the mac version or a PC version of The Dig? What language? Also, please reply to Eugene's questions, too...

comment:3 by fingolfin, 19 years ago

Summary: Voices not working on The DigDIG: Voices not working on OS X

comment:4 by SF/kestar, 19 years ago

Sorry, I was referring to 0.7.1, and I have the Mac version of The Dig, in English.

Provide the layout of the files? I was running it off of the CD, so should I just upload the folder on the CD where they are located?

comment:5 by Kirben, 19 years ago

There was a bug in ScummVM 0.7.1 which effected the bundle files of the Macintosh version of the Dig, when using the original packed data files. So try the last Macintosh ScummVM snapshot and see if it helps.

comment:6 by Kirben, 19 years ago

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