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COMI: Start of Part 3, problems with song.

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Game: Monkey Island 3


Starting the third act in Curse of Monkey Island, all
the charactes voices were not present, and when the
characters started 'singing,' the subtitles (which were
on) stayed there and did not leave, and the characters
themselves continued to move, but nothing progressed.

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comment:1 by eriktorbjorn, 15 years ago

I haven't played the game this far in ScummVM myself, but
I'm told that one thing that could cause this is if the
music data files - musdisk1.bun and musdisk2.bun - are missing.

It seems unlikely that this would be your problem because it
should have been obvious long before then that the music was
missing. But I've found it often helps to look at the simple
but unlikely possibilities first.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Summary: Couldn't continue and sound went outCOMI: Start of Part 3, problems with song.

comment:3 by cyxx, 15 years ago

Just for information, today, someone reported the same error
in the #scummvm channel. The problem was the missing
musdisk2.bun file.

So, it would be nice if the bug submitter could report if
copying the file "fixed" his problem.

comment:4 by Kirben, 15 years ago

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