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Crash on LE CPUs with alignement issues

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On the iPAQ (Little-endian based with ARM CPU), memory accesses NEED to be aligned.

By doing some hacks (ie checking on all READ_LE_UINT16 and READ_LE_UINT32 inline functions if the pointer is correctly aligned), I changed a LOT of these function calls to the (newly created) READ_LE_UINT16_UNALIGNED and READ_LE_UINT32_UNALIGNED.

Now, I wonder if by default, on platform like the ARM, the default should not be 'unaligned'...

Or is there really some places where we are sure to be aligned ?

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comment:1 by SF/bbrox, 22 years ago

Just to add that I now changed ALL the READ_LE_UINTxx functions to the UNALIGNED version (by some #define magic in scummsys.h).

Now, Day of the Tentacle almost starts on the iPAQ (yoohoo), but I get this :

Error: Gdi::drawBitmap, strip drawn to 256 below window bottom 200!

Time to go back to some GDBing to search for further alignement problems :-)

Anyway, thanks for the cool project, I was dreaming of doing the same thing on my own but never even knew how to start !

comment:2 by SF/strigeus, 22 years ago

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comment:3 by SF/strigeus, 22 years ago

Have you located the source of the bug, and can this bug report be closed?

comment:4 by SF/bbrox, 22 years ago

This is closed since the CVS commit that added the SCUMM_NEED_ALIGNMENT define in scummsys.h .

comment:5 by SF/bbrox, 22 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:6 by SF/bbrox, 22 years ago

Status: newclosed

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