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Game: Beneath a Steel Sky


"Can you tell me what these supposed bugs are that are
in the freeware version and don't appear with this one?"

Well, like I said yesterday, I had stumbled across the
BASS thread and noticed all the trouble issues for
BASS... If you want a for instance, I refer you to the
issue that stated that Foster "walked on the water."
I had NO TROUBLE with this part of the game--in fact, I
purposefully tried to walk over the water and DIDN'T
succeed....Now, I don't know about sound issues, but
scriptwise and graphically wise everything was ok (even
though the sound was turned on, it made a MINOR
difference in the game even though my computer
doesn't have sound capability)...I only noticed that in
certain parts of the game, Foster's actions slowed down
a bit and one time when Foster tossed the grappling
hook onto the security sign, I had to wait about five to
ten seconds for him to continue throwing the hook
across the empty space.

"Those 'troubleshooting messages' are mostly people
reading erroneous walkthroughs or issues that have
since been fixed in CVS (and which you would
experience with your 'superior'
version as well)."

I would have to say that this statement is partially true.
I do agree that SOME of the problems are caused by
people who don't read the walkthroughs close enough (I
was a victim of this myself on one occasion). BUT...As
to the case of Foster walking on the water, I tend to
disagree. HOWEVER....You people are doing a good job
by putting patches and stuff for ScummVM on your
webpage so that we players can experience more
wholesome gameplay....As I have stated before, even
though my computer doesn't play sound, I still did not
suffer from any other major or minor problems apart from
the fact that the game occassionally slowed down.

"If there are any substantial differences/bugs then I'd like
to hear about them but until then I just assume you don't
know what you're talking about."

My friend, I KNOW what I am talking about b.c I played
the game up to the rather gross ending. I have already
addressed the other minor problems above so there is
nothing more to say. Except this one last piece: If you
discover ANY OTHER probs with this game not mentioned
here, it could be a GREAT possibility that our computers
COULD be different....

Yours truly,


P.S. I can save my games just fine. (I think there was
only ONE instance of it not saving).

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comment:2 by joostp, 15 years ago

First off; you should have just responded to the original item.

Now, to address your issue(s):
The walking on water only happens once in a blue moon; if we'd been
able to reproduce it it would've been fixed by now. And it is AFAIK just as
likely to randomly happen with your version as with any of the others.

Oh, you know what you're talking about because you finished the game
*once* and only with this particular version.. so nothing that strengthens
or even supports your "this version is superior" claim.
Well, excuse me, sir. but I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about
as well, as I wrote part of the code and played through the game with
_all_ known versions more times than I bothered to count.. so excuse
me if I don't blindly believe your outrageous claim.

Btw, I'm closing both this and the previous report as invalid, but don't let
that stop you from responding to them if you deem it necessary.

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Component: Engine: Sky
Game: Beneath a Steel Sky
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