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BASE: Window resolution setting via command line is broken

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I am trying to set the window resolution at the command line, however it seems to always default to the last window height and width defined in the scummvm.ini file.

Here is the base command launch line I am using:

scummvm.exe --no-console -F --stretch-mode=pixel-perfect --gfx-mode=opengl --window-size=800,600 --config=.\2.7\scummvm.ini --opl-driver=nuked --output-rate=44100 -p".\loom" loom

I have tried multiple --window-size settings, however it always takes the value from the ini file instead. If I change the value there, I see an immediate change on the next launch (regardless of what the command line specifies).

I have tried it with and without the pixel perfect stretch mode defined. I have also tried it with and without the --gfx-mode defined.

While I've been testing with loom, I have tried this with several other games as well.

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Summary: command line resolutionBASE: Window resolution setting via command line is broken

comment:2 by exoscoriae, 11 months ago

seems --scale-factor is also ignored. Setting it on the command line is not doing anything, but going into the game settings and setting it does change it. It seems multiple command line options are ignored at this time.

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