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    1616 * in the lab, when talking about the shells found at the animal shop, Dino will say at some point: "...Questi bambini sono..." in the subtitles they missed a space "...Questi bambinisono..."
    1717 * When talking in the lab about the animals, there seems to be a voiced line missing (don't know if it's a bug, but it does have subtitles): when describing the injuries, Dino has a long line, and the part that starts with "Tagli da coltello irregolari..." is missing the audio, so the scene moves on without some details (even when listening in the kia, the line ends at the same point, but shows the full subtitles).
     18 * Talking in the lab about the black marks on the hydrant: Decker at one point asks "Sei sicuro?" but the subtitles read "Sicura?"
     19 * Random TV banter when entering the shooting range floor. When the news mentions retiring nexus 5 models, there is a chunk of subtitles missing at the end of a line: "...Ma solo che il modello da intrattenimento" *end in the subtitles* "non era divertente come doveva essere." *end of voice acting* we might want a comma after "intrattenimento", but I am not certain.
     20 * Other random tv banter about crime rising. The line "La criminalità organizzata..." "...di un inquietante 26" is missing either the word "percento" or the percentage symbol "%", after "26", together with a comma;