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Some DOTT sound issues...

Reported by: SF/farnsworth Owned by: SF/ender
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Day of the Tentacle


I started playing Day of the Tentacle again because you guys
had really updated ScummVM since the last time I tried it,
and I noticed a couple sound problems (with the CVS

One looks easy to fix -- it seems to be a command to play
only a piece of a sound effect. For example, during the
credits/intro sequence at the beginning, when the car is
driving around with Leverne's head sticking out the window,
in room 34 the car takes a tight corner, her neck stretches
really long as it whips around the corner, and you hear a
stretching noise which lasts way too long (well into the next
scene!). As this happens, you see this on the console:

Loading room 34
WARNING: SoundEngine::do_command invalid command 2!
WARNING: SoundEngine::do_command invalid command 3!

I'm guessing that command 2 is "start sound at byte offset",
and command 3 is "stop sound at byte offset", since that
seems to be the simplest way to play part of a sound.

Later on, after they've all travelled through time, as Leverne
falls out of her Chron-O-John (in the tree) and gets her
underwear hooked on a branch, you hear the same
stretching noise, which also lasts well into the next scene
when it most obviously shouldn't, and again get this

Loading room 69
WARNING: SoundEngine::do_command invalid command 3!

It seems like a pretty simple thing to fix. :)

The other thing I noticed is that at some points in the game,
sound effects don't play. It seems to happen when sound
effects happen in quick succession, leading me to belive
that there's some kind of mixing problem, or a problem
queueing sounds when they're played in quick succession.
For example, when Bernard frees the tentacles, the evil
tentacle hops away, and you don't hear the suction-cup
sound, but when the green tentacle hops away, you do hear
it. I think it's cause he says something just before he starts
hopping away...

Anyhow, GREAT WORK! The games play almost flawlessly
now. I'm quite happy.

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comment:1 by SF/farnsworth, 18 years ago

Oops! Sorry, I made a mistake when submitting this bug report. I
should've been more careful.

The sound problems aren't reported to the console, and the scene
numbers are wrong...

Those unknown commands are for something else -- they happen,
in scene 34, as soon as Bernard bangs his head on the clock. And
in scene 69, as soon as the cutscene has stopped, and the
command buttons are displayed at the bottom, giving the user
control of the game again.

The places where the over-played sound problems happen are in
scene 80 (car zipping around corner), and in scene 57 (laverne
falling out of time machine).

Otherwise, the rest of the information is the same. :) Sorry about
that, I was playing it in fullscreen, and I just guessed at which
scenes the problems were from based on the console output.

comment:2 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Thanks for the report. We're currently redesigning the
engine, but we'll look into it after we finished.

Glad you enjoy our little program :)

comment:3 by SF/dettus, 18 years ago

i have a problem with playing sfx in dott under linux.
i hear the adlib
music, but no sound other sound whatsoever.

comment:4 by SF/inguin, 18 years ago

Do you have dott's monster.sou file in your current directory? Is the filename in lower case?

comment:5 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
Game: Day of the Tentacle

comment:6 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Changing group/catagory to match new bug guidelines.

comment:7 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Owner: set to SF/ender
Status: newclosed

comment:8 by SF/ender, 18 years ago

Closing this bug for the moment. This is caused by a known
wishlist item.

When a room loads the script calls for a sound to be played
to precache it. However ScummVM doesn't support the 'cache
but don't play' flag. This means you end up hearing phantom
sounds.. sometimes these sound like they are part of the
scene, like above.. but actually they are an extra sound.

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